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Evidence Sheds New Light On Hernandez Investigation

Created on Jul. 09, 2013 4:32 PM EST

Case documents from the Aaron Hernandez murder trial are starting to circulate after they were ordered to be released by Bristol County District Judge Daniel O’Shea. A total of 156 pages make up the summary into the investigation of Odin Lloyd’s death.

Wesley Lowery of the Boston Globe tweeted out a number of pictures, including images of the items seized from the first search warrant on June 18th and the second search warrant on June 22nd. There was also a grainy photo taken from one of Hernandez’s surveillance videos, and a text conversation between Hernandez and Lloyd.

Police found a wallet, some money, a cell phone and keys to a Chevrolet Suburban rental on Lloyd’s body. The rental was under Hernandez’s name, which first brought the police to his home.

Police say that Hernandez’s behavior immediately became suspicious when they first went to talk to him on the day of Lloyd’s death. Hernandez, when told by the police that they were investigating a death, apparently slammed the door shut on them and locked the door. He later emerged after about 10 minutes and agreed to go down to the police station to speak with them.

Hernandez’s fiancé, Shayanna Jenkins, briefly spoke to the police before Hernandez called her and told her not to speak to them. Before that she told them about the surveillance system they recently had installed in their house, and she revealed that Lloyd sold marijuana. Jenkins also said that she went to bed early the night Lloyd was murdered, and was unaware where Hernandez went and who he was with that night.

Police have video from a security camera on Fayston Street that shows Lloyd getting into a silver Nissan Altima that they believe is the same one that Hernandez rented. They found a bullet underneath a child’s drawing in the vehicle.

Make sure to check back for updates on the ongoing murder investigation into the death of Lloyd.

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