Carlos Medina

Falcons Show Strong Commitment To Offense

Created on Jul. 17, 2013 8:11 PM EST

The Atlanta Falcons will go as far as their offense can take them. I know, that is the kind of novel insight that deserves a Pulitzer. I am sure the award is in the mail.

With that being said, there is a certain perception amongst the unwashed masses that the Falcons defense has taken a financial backseat to the team's offense in an effort to win the Super Bowl. Of course, this perception is due in large part to a Falcons team that used the 2013 NFL Draft to address its defensive needs rather than signing veteran talent in free agency.    

With about $13 million in dead money on their salary cap, the Falcons had to go young and cheap on the defensive side of the ball. Here is a breakdown of how many cap dollars are allocated to the Falcons both on offense and defense, and how that compares to other teams in the NFC. The following numbers are in terms of millions:

          Team                                O          D                    Differential

Atlanta Falcons                       59.0    40.7    (18.3 differential to offense)

Seattle Seahawks                  70.2    53.5    (16.7 differential to offense)

New York Giants                     61.9    46.2    (15.7 differential to offense)

San Francisco 49ers             58.0    54.1    (3.9 differential to offense)

Green Bay Packers                55.1    52.2    (2.9 differential to offense)

Washington Redskins           52.3    50.4    (1.9 differential to offense)

Dallas Cowboys                     50.3    51.8    (1.5 differential to defense)

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