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Falling out of love...

Created on Apr. 19, 2013 2:25 AM EST

How to fall back in love with football.......Simon Kuper has written a very interesting article in why he has fallen out of love with football.  I found this particularly interestingly as although I haven't fallen out of love with it I can see exactly why he has.

It's a conversation I have with my friends, maybe it's because you get older and realise different things about life but I think Simon raises some good points and he is definitely spot on when he says that the blanket coverage of football on TV leads to a lack of excitement.

My friends and I discuss how special m, exciting and amazing it was to watch a live game on TV when we were younger.

There were two live games in when I was young , the schoolboys international at Wembley and the FA Cup Final. There were highlights on Match of the Day on Saturday night, regional highlights on a Sunday and, if we were incredibly lucky there might be highlights of an FA Cup replay on Sportsnight.

 This was always difficult trying to get your Mom to let you stay up late on a school night but also because they always put the football on AFTER the amateur boxing and ski jumping from Austria because they knew if they put the football on first everybody would go to bed!!

Now football is EVERYWHERE, you can't get away from it. It's become a massive non-stop soap opera with trivial  matters becoming 'Breaking news' - 'The Swansea City left back can't find the remote control, he thought he'd left it on the arm of the sofa but its disappeared, we'll keep you updated on this breaking story'.

You can watch any game you want, when you want, how you want, where you want. The only thing you can't order is the result (there had been some discussion on that lately but that's another article).

We are human beings and if we get too much of anything we get bored with it, the 'specialness' and excitement of a live game many years ago cannot be replicated or produced any more as we have all become blasé with so much on offer.

There is a way you can recreate this special feeling, only watch the games you WANT to watch. Sounds simple doesn't it?

That's the reason I got rid of my SKY, because I ended up watching Kettering v Tamworth on a Friday night just because it was on and let's be honest that's not te reason for the subscription is it?

So if you want to recreate that special feeling you know what to do.

PS by the way the Swansea left back found the remote control, his wife had put it on top of the TV.

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