Cody Bellaire

Five Breakout Players For LSU In 2014

Created on Jul. 31, 2014 5:00 AM EST

No. 1: Brandon Harris

Brandon Harris will be the best quarterback in the SEC in 2014. Pretty bold choice of words right? Well, he is going to tear up the SEC next season and show everyone why he earned the starting job as a true freshman.

He is offensive coach Cam Cameron's precious flower who Cameron hopes will grow and develop into something truly beautiful. He has a knack for doing that (see Zach Mettenberger), but Harris has something that Mettenberger did not, and that is the ability to run. 

Harris can not only sling the ball a mile, but he is equally impressive with his legs. The best part about Harris' ability to run is that he knows when to use it properly. His presence in the pocket is mature beyond his years and when he senses pressure, he steps up in the pocket with ease. If he rolls out, he does not tuck the ball and run, he keeps his eyes up and looks downfield, which is a very underrated ability.

I know he will come out and win the starting job against Jennings because he is just too good not to have out on the field. Harris will be beloved by Tigers fans due to his impressive skill and humble attitude. He is a future star in college football.

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