Cody Bellaire

Five Breakout Players For LSU In 2014

Created on Jul. 31, 2014 5:00 AM EST

No. 2: Leonard Fournette

Yes, we have finally reached the legend that is Leonard Fournette. Besides being the top recruit in the 2014 class, Fournette has generated Adrian Peterson comparisons and was actually ranked in ESPN's preseason top 100 without a single collegiate carry. 

That shows just how much hype there is for this young man, but to be honest, he is probably going to surpass all expectations. Yes, everyone thinks he will rush for 1,000 yards and score a lot of touchdowns, but until you watch him with your own eyes, you will have no idea just how special this kid truly is. 

Fournette has elite speed, strength and agility and he weighs 225 pounds. Basically, he is a Mack truck with the speed of a corvette. 

He is going to be behind Terrence Magee when the season begins, but once Fournette proves just how talented he truly is, he will begin to receive the majority of the carries. It's almost the same deal that Jeremy Hill was given last season.

When all is said and done, Fournette may go down as the best back in LSU history, but this fall, he mayu have to just settle for being the best running back in the country.

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