James Ferguson

Five Concerns The Pitt Panthers Face In 2014

Created on Mar. 17, 2014 12:20 PM EST

Strength Of Non-Conference Opponents

Speaking of Pitt's opponents for next season, its early tune-up games might not prepare them for what's in store.

The Panthers will play Delaware, Florida International, Akron and Iowa as their non-conference opponents. That list won't do a good enough job to prepare them for the upcoming season.

This has been Pitt's way of doing things for the last couple seasons as they always took the opportunity to play the smaller FBS and FCS schools to get ready for their season. They need to schedule tougher opponents if they want to get any more recognition in the future.

Iowa is the best non-conference opponent on Pitt's schedule, but needs to create more opportunities against bigger schools. Now that Pitt is in a stronger conference such as the ACC, it needs to get more praise for its football program, and playing tougher schools is a way to do this.

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