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#FLEX League Recap: One Undefeated Remains

Created on Oct. 09, 2013 7:44 AM EST

#FLEX League (link)

Bad. Just plain, stinking, awfully bad. This is Jaguars territory folks. My team mustered just 83.86 points with six players scoring less than eight points. Of course, Aaron Rodgers having just 14.76 of his own didn't help much. Oh, did I mention how I never draft QBs early? Even with Rodgers slipping to the fifth round, as you might recall, I now wish I had stuck to my guns and taken Tony Romo, as I did in about 20 other leagues. I also wish the stinking Andre Brown broken leg didn't happen during our draft. I want my second rounder back that I wasted on David Wilson! I'm not saying it's all luck, but between Wilson, feeling forced into the Rodgers value pick and some injuries, my season is looking bleak. It doesn't help that Greg Jennings and Dwayne Bowe are amazing disappointments either…

Eric Mack (@EricMackFantasy) keeps rolling at 5-0 partly due to better matchup luck than David Gonos (@davidgonos), Matt Schauf (@SchaufDS) and Scott Pianowski (@scott_pianowski), who all have losses and more points scored. Meanwhile, Jim Day (@Fantasytaz) can't catch a break as he finally puts up a big score, only to lose to the highest score of the week, keeping him winless. It could be worse. After losing to me by 1.16 points, Jeff Mans (@Jeff_Mans) lost to Tim Heaney (@Tim_Heaney) by 1.14. Seriously… ouch. Do I hear 1.12? There still haven't been any trades, but I'm about to rectify that – if these experts budge. Here come the offers!

Time to check in with the owners.

Nando Di Fino (@nandocbs) (My Opponent)

1. I shot too high in the preseason when I said the over/under until Michael Vick would miss a game was eight. As a Vick owner, and his being your only QB, what's your plan for next week?

I look at it like I have a solid week to monitor his status and figure that all out. I also have a couple danglers on my roster (the Kenny Britt types) who I can release to pick up another QB (editor's note: Nando grabbed Nick Foles). I have a pretty solid rule that I play by – never trade for a QB (editor's note again: there goes one of my trade targets!). There are enough good ones on the wire with good enough matchups to just go the FA route.

2. Ryan Mathews... discuss.

It's a no-win situation with Mathews. It's like that scene in Signs, where Mel Gibson's wife was pressed against a tree by the car. If I release him, he'll probably go off on someone else's team. If I don't, he'll just continue to take up a bench spot for me. Nobody's going to offer me a deal for him. All that preseason optimism is totally gone now.

3. Breakout game of the year so far with Alshon Jeffery. How do you rank/view him for the rest of the season?

I like him a lot. He's got great hands and is one of three big targets for Cutler. But I'm a realist – defenses are going to start paying more attention to him, which means maybe Bennett gets more stats and Jeffery's go down. It all balances out, Jake! Always does! For what it's worth, I was getting Jeffery and Sanu in tandem in a lot of drafts this year. I think you can apply the same Jeffery logic to Sanu (great No. 1 option ahead of him, solid tight end(s), iffy QB).

- While I agree that 12-team/1-QB leagues leave plenty of QB options on the wire, I'm not sure if I want to ride the carrousel of Foles, Eli Manning and the like. It's why I never have, nor ever will, own Vick. Mathews is certainly a headache. While he ranks in the Top 20 for rushing attempts, he falls all the way to 37th in PPG, 15 spots behind teammate Danny Woodhead – and that's just in standard scoring. Good luck if you're an owner too.

Eric Mack (Mr. Perfect)

1. You are still the only undefeated team. However... you are not without concerns (tight end, RB situation, fourth WR). Are you entertaining selling high on Peyton Manning for help elsewhere, or happy that he is carrying you almost on his own?

I am not overly concerned about anything on my team. Things will sort themselves out. Kyle Rudolph is going to be better than he has shown and there are ample waiver options available to rotate through as matchup plays if he isn't. I am not trading Manning, and I have nothing to worry about. My team will be just fine to compete throughout the season.

2. Speaking of tight end, what are your thoughts on Josh Freeman in Minnesota and whether his arrival can salvage Kyle Rudolph's season?

I am not sold on Freeman starting right away, so Rudolph is going to have to right himself with whoever the Vikings line up at quarterback. I just need him to catch 1-yard touchdowns. They should come.

3. With 15 catches and 158 yards the past two weeks, has Vincent Brown finally turned into the receiver we all wanted/called for?

Vincent Brown has often been one of the guys I have considered cutting. I have held on, and I am thankful for it. I am not sure he will have to be much more than a bye-week replacement for me, but I am holding that stock still.

My team might not be great, but a hot start will keep me from making rash decisions week-to-week during the bye season. It should help strengthen my team for the long haul. It will take luck in the fantasy postseason no matter what your roster looks like, but I am glad Manning is on my side.

- It's hard to argue with Mack's point, especially with Manning, well, manning the helm. I would consider trading Manning if I received a lion's share in return. We're talking a Top Five QB and then major help at RB or WR. So, it's unlikely most teams have the depth to offer you such a deal, but if there is one out there, Manning's value will never be higher. The last thing this league needs to see is Mack having guys like Brown step up. Can we share my (and even Mans') luck with him?


And here I thought a $27 bid would be enough for Terrance Williams. Guess not. Jeff Mans trumped my price with a $39 bid while also making the smart move of grabbing the Bengals D/ST for $5. If I didn't already own the Bears D/ST, I would have put in a claim as well. My $2 bid on Heath Miller was also topped by Mans… MAAANNNNS‼ Which is another good get for him, as I consider Miller a low-end TE1 now that he's back to 100 percent. Nando Di Fino was the lucky dog sitting around when the Julio Jones news broke. Congrats on Harry Douglas, ya bum! Owning DeAngelo Williams, I picked up Jonathan Stewart with his return around the corner. Ugh, I can already see the aggravation coming. I hate that backfield.

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Week 6

I'm in trouble. It's likely that my lineup will include DeAngelo Williams, Joique Bell and the disappointing duo of Bowe and Jennings. That's what happens when David Wilson suffers a neck injury to compound his fantasy issues, and Rashad Jennings hurts himself while replacing Darren McFadden. That sound? Oh, just my head banging against my keyboard rhashfdsjorklukdjs!

Mans has a chance to redeem his past two weeks of luck with a win to knock Mack from the undefeated perch. As for the "Game of the Week," myfantasyleague.com likes John Halpin (@jhalpin37) versus Jamey Eisenberg (@JameyEisenberg). I'm a bit more intrigued by Di Fino versus Pianowski. Di Fino is rolling out Nick Foles and has an emerging lineup. With the Julio Jones injury, Pianowski's team could be headed in the wrong direction. A Di Fino win knots both at 3-3 and would open up the league race for the playoffs.

Best Ball (link)

Finally, Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) had an off week. Clay put up his lowest total of the season with just 139.64 points, putting him the bottom half. He still holds a 25.46-point lead over Jonathan Bales (@BalesFootball) though. Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom) jumped Bob Harris (@footballdiehard) with the highest score in Week 5, just narrowly topping Alessandro Miglio (@AlexMiglio), who grabs third place. We have nearly as close of a gap from third to fifth place as we do between second and first. While a few teams are floundering, Nick Raducanu's (@FantasyTrade411) season has gone from bad to… what's lower than "worse"? Whatever it is, that's where Nick is. He has the only team not to have broken the 700-point threshold yet. I don't want to quote Donald Trump yet Nick, but those two words may be headed your way.

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