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#FLEX Week 2 Recap - Which Expert Is 2-0?

Created on Sept. 18, 2013 8:18 AM EST

So much for starting 2-0 in the #FLEX League. Thanks to David Wilson, or Tom Coughlin hating Wilson, I fell to David Gonos (@davidgonos) 152.72-139.6. Wilson was so bad… How bad was he?!… He was soooo bad that if I had started Brandon Myers instead, I would have won. When you’re a team’s “starting” RB are outscored by a TE, things are bad. I put starting in quotes because until Coughlin gets over himself – benching your best talent and/or sharing too many carries with Da’Rel Scott and Brandon Jacobs – Wilson will continue to disappoint.

This week’s high scorer was none other than early tight end drafter, John Halpin (@jhalpin37). He and I talked about taking Jimmy Graham early in this draft on his show, and we agreed it could be his downfall. As proof, Halpin started Bryce Brown over Montee Ball as his RB2. You can win with Graham as a first or second rounder, but you need a RB to break through, and right now, it appears Halpin could be in for some tough weeks now that Ball is second fiddle to Knowshon Moreno. This week however, Graham carried Halpin to a win and high score with 33.90 fantasy points. Of course, Matt Forte, Randall Cobb and Pierre Garcon racking up 26.10, 27.80 and 28.30, respectively, helped too.

As you can already tell, this week’s guests are Gonos – dang you Gonos! – and Halpin. Time for the Trips sets of questions:

David Gonos (My Opponent)

1. I can personally thank David Wilson... or should I say Tom Coughlin... for my defeat this week. If you owned Wilson, how would you handle him going forward?

I'd sit Wilson for a bit – but not trade him. He's the back with the best talent and everyone knows it, including the Giants, or else they would have made an offseason move. Just remain patient and stick it out.

2. Arian Foster continues to see more touches lost to Ben Tate. As his owner in this league, are you considering selling? Or would you be buying him if you didn't own Foster?

I'm not considering selling. This is essentially Foster's third week of preseason coming up, he'll be fine. Granted, Tate is producing better at this point, but I think it will end up being a joint venture, where both get theirs. I have no problem going forward playing both (Tate as a flex) in 12-team leagues that use a flex and three wide receivers.

3. Is Antonio Gates, your tight end, back?

I don't believe Gates is back. This is his best game yardage-wise in three years or so. I just think it's a matter of the Chargers needing to throw the ball a lot, and their receiving corps is completely decimated. Do I shop Gates? Not really, only because there are 22 tight ends with at least one touchdown catch already. After the top group, it's just a widespread glut of potential.

My Thoughts: Don’t expect any disagreement here. Unfortunately, the situations for Wilson and Foster force you to sit tight, unless you have a terrific trade sitting in front of you (Giants fan in your league maybe?). As for Gates, Gonos makes a great point. The tight end position with 23 tight ends finding the end zone (close Gonos, close). In addition, nine have done so two or more times! When you see Coby Fleener and Tyler Eifert still roaming our waivers, you know the position is deep.

John Halpin (Top Scorer)

1. Huge score this week! Much of that came from Randall Cobb and Pierre Garcon. We knew what Cobb could do this year, but one receiver I was high on is your second one, Garcon. Are you concerned with Robert Griffin's overall play, or are you confident in Garcon maintaining this success?

I'm not too concerned about RGIII's play affecting Garcon. He's clearly Washington's top receiving option, and when healthy last season, he was very productive. I had him at WR21, with the hope of outplaying that draft status. As for RGIII, I think - hope? - he'll start to improve soon.

2. Your QB, Andrew Luck, about doubled-up Colin Kaepernick. If you owned Kaepernick, would you be concerned or just chalking it up to the matchup in Seattle?

Not the least bit concerned about Kaepernick. The Seahawks in Seattle are about as tough a matchup as you can get. He'll probably blow up against the Colts this week.

3. Even with your huge score, you had a big game from DeAndre Hopkins wasting away on the bench (24.70 fantasy points). Is this a sign of things to come and reason to consider starting him next week?

I like Hopkins a lot, and the Texans do as well, but his Week 3 prospects depend a lot on Andre Johnson's status (which looks positive right now). I can see some owners starting Hopkins as a WR3 even if Johnson plays, and I'll get him in there ahead of Lance Moore as my WR4. He looked good, didn't he?

My Thoughts: I was a big fan of Hopkins in the preseason, and yes, Seattle is ridiculous for opposing teams. The one area where I’ll slightly disagree is with the Redskins situation. Garcon is a top talent; however, if Griffin continues to perform (and play) at less than 100 percent, I can see the entire offense having some off weeks. Remember, the Redskins have faced the Eagles and Packers, not exactly murderer’s row for defenses, and in actuality, they were allowed quite a bit of garbage time in both. A more respectable defense could result in disappointing outputs from RGIII and Garcon.


We saw a quieter week than the first with the biggest names being James Starks and Eddie Royal. Tim Heaney (@Tim_Heaney) nabbed both with bids of $16 for Starks and $26 for Royal. I only threw $7 at Starks because I know what he is – a mediocre RB in a pass-heavy offense. Oh, and that pass-heavy offense also has two other options for punching it in the end zone in Aaron Rodgers and John Kuhn. As for Royal, I went a bit higher at $12, but again, we’ve seen Royal for years, and while he will remain a constant threat in the Chargers offense, he won’t catch 40 TDs! With both, I’d strongly recommend grabbing, but also turning around and selling high to needy owners. If you can’t get a bite, no worries, stash them for the bye weeks, but I’d push hard to trade Starks before Eddie Lacy returns.

Once the blind bidding waivers passed, I dropped Greg Little for Rod Streater. Two things here. First, I am rather disappointed in Little. He showed real progress in the second half of last year and had a chance to step up without Josh Gordon in the lineup. No dice. Granted, the QB play has stunk, but still, Little is now droppable. Second, Streater is clearly the No. 1 option for Terrelle Pryor. Denarius Moore had us thinking there could still be a debate after Week 1, but with two targets and no catches, that ship has sailed.

Week 3

Erick Mack (@EricMackFantasy) is the only 2-0 team with Jim Day (@Fantasytaz) being the only 0-2 team. Mack is favored by 21.8 points to make it to 3-0, while Day is predicted to lose by 23.7, heading to 0-3. If you read my post-draft recap, you know one of my favorite teams is also my opponent this week, Matt Schauf (@SchaufDS). Currently, he is the favorite by a slim 0.9 points, and that’s with my starting two TEs (thanks again Coughlin!). Here’s hoping for a Giants-Panthers shootout!

Over in the #FLEX Best Ball league, Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) had a solid 25-point lead through two weeks over JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB). Clay topped 180 points both weeks, thanks to Moreno and Martellus Bennett stepping up this week. Jody Smith (@JodySmith_NFL) had a horrid week at 109.96 to go from second to last. Ouch.

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