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#FLEX Week 3 Recap - Time To Worry?

Created on Sept. 25, 2013 7:45 AM EST

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Another rough week on my end with David Wilson disappointing and Aaron Rodgers not helping to pick up the slack. You know it wasn’t the best week when Terrelle Pryor out-scored Rodgers, and Rod Streater blew away Dwayne Bowe. Honestly, after my Thursday night result of Bowe 1.40 and LeSean McCoy 21.80 (for Matt Schauf @SchaufDS), I knew I was in trouble. Even the Bears D/ST scoring 25.00 couldn’t rescue my week.

As bad as my week was, I still would have beat six other teams, which continues to prove how luck-reliant fantasy football can be. And, at least I didn’t have the week than Nando Di Fino (@nandocbs) did. I picture Nando sitting somewhere in a herd? gathering? bushel? …a “clowder” of cats (who knew?) as they lick his wounds. Di Fino notched 67.54 points. Hopefully for him, Reggie Bush and Le’Veon Bell return this week, or he has plenty of milk standing by.

Time to catch up with my opponent.

Matt Schauf (My Opponent)

1. After LeSean McCoy outscored Dwayne Bowe 21.80-1.40, you had to feel pretty good about a win, no?

I just felt good when he returned for the second half after that scary ankle injury late in the second quarter. Once I resumed breathing, yes, I certainly drew confidence from another big McCoy outing. Of course, I've felt even better about drafting him often ever since the huge opener in Washington.

2. Darren Sproles has been disappointing so far, even in PPR leagues. As an owner, what's your thinking moving forward?

I'd have to disagree that Sproles has disappointed -- unless expectations were out of whack. He was inflated at this time last year because of a 13-catch Week 2. The only thing really missing to this point is a TD. That'll come. If the Sproles owner in your PPR league is panicking, I'd strike.

3. Since I asked David Gonos last week, it's now your turn. David Wilson had another terrible game - yes, we know a TD run was called back - so, if you owned him, what would you do?

All you can do is hold on to Wilson right now and pray.

- I would still call Sproles at least a bit disappointing. Remember, he was a RB1 in PPR leagues and solid RB2 in standard setups under Sean Payton. Currently, Sproles ranks 28th in standard scoring and 18th in PPR. That’s not what we expected. I agree that I would strike in a PPR league if the owner is selling, but only in a PPR league. As for Wilson, yes Schauf, I have floor cushions and soothing gel as I am already wearing my knees down to the bone.

Scott Pianowski (Top Scorer)

1. Colin Kaepernick had his second straight rough outing, are you starting to get concerned? Have defenses figured him and the read-option out?

I'm not bailing on Kaepernick. He just needs someone to throw to. This offense will look a lot different when Vernon Davis returns.

2. Antonio Brown went off this week. Are you thinking sell high for everyday owners?

I'd try to sell high on Antonio Brown if possible - he just had a monster game on National TV, everyone saw it. Ben Roethlisberger rarely plays a full season and Pittsburgh has a crummy offensive line. But if you wind up holding Bron, that's not the end of the world.

3. With Rob Gronkowski's return likely and Danny Amendola's nearing, have we seen the end of Julian Edelman's WR3 value and/or is Kenbrell Thompkins even worth a thought?

Edelman's 15 minutes could be over soon if the Patriots get all their main guys healthy - not that they're going to tell us anything. Thompkins was crisper with his route running in Week 3, and Tom Brady wants to believe in the kid.

- Listen to Scott. Brown likely won’t repeat that performance the rest of the year. If anyone is willing to pay high-end WR2 value, pounce. With the Patriots, I couldn’t agree more and said the same when asked. I do have a bit more hope for Thompkins than Edelman though. When Amendola returns, you have a redundancy of WR types. Thompkins could see more snaps with Edelman finding the bench more often. Long term, I like his upside a bit more.


Quieter week on the waiver wire front. Only four players involved FAAB amounts: Brandon Bolden $12, Ryan Broyles $7, Chiefs D/ST $6 and Santonio Holmes $4. I had bids on all four, including lower prices on Heath Miller and Johnathan Franklin, but only one spot I could afford to lose, as I dropped Rod Streater. I’m a bit miffed that I needed to drop Bolden to piece together Week 3’s lineup, but alas, such is fantasy football life.

Broyles could be a real gem, if those legs stay attached. He has all of the talent to succeed and put up big numbers in that offense alongside Calvin Johnson. It’s unfortunate that a Nate Burleson injury led to his opportunity, but do yourself a favor and grab him where you can. As mentioned, Bolden is a good pickup too, in PPR leagues. Brian Belichick continues to scramble our brains trying to figure out his RB game plan, but at least we know that Bolden will be the pass-catching RB of choice. The Chiefs defense is a hot commodity with the way they’ve played, plus a matchup against the swinging gate of Giants offensive linemen.

For more waiver wire recommendations, make sure to check out John Kerwin’s Waiver Wire Matinee.

Week 4

I head into the week hoping (and praying again, as with David Wilson) that Pryor is ready to play. If not, I might be visiting Nando and his clowder. Hey, if you had cat soup, would it be clowder chowder? Hmm. Love the name. In any case, the bye week is forcing my hand with DeAngelo Williams and Greg Olsen out as well, which means my flex is down to Joique Bell, Dwayne Bowe and Greg Jennings (with Broyles and Golden Tate in reserve)… le sigh. The “Game of the Week” is between the third and fifth place teams (both at 2-1) of John Halpin (@jhalpin37) and Matt Schauf.

Best Ball (link)

Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) finally didn’t pull in the top score – only third place – but still holds on to the lead, but only by a slim 3.24 margin after Jonathan Bales (@BalesFootball) notched the season’s high score of 208.16. In truth, Clay would have slipped out of first if not for Antonio Brown’s huge game. Meanwhile, Bales had 21 or more points at every position sans TE, K and D/ST. Amazing output. Nick Radacanu (@FantasyTrade411) had a nightmarish week (he’s fired), while Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom) continues to creep up after posting Week 1’s lowest score. Jimmy Graham is starting to carry his team for sure.

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