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#FLEX Week 6 Recap - It Just Got Worse

Created on Oct. 16, 2013 9:33 AM EST

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Well, this can't get much worse. It just goes to show that even as experts, we can still be victims to the fickle mistress that is luck. Heading into the season, who would have expected a team of Aaron Rodgers, Trent Richardson, David Wilson, Demaryius Thomas, Dwayne Bowe, Greg Jennings, DeAngelo Williams and Greg Olsen would be 2-4 and score a grand total of 179.36 over the past two weeks. How I wish the Andre Brown news wouldn't have broke (no pun intended) during the second round of our draft! Even so, TRich and the rest – Aaron Rodgers included – have been utter disappointments and sabatoged my season. Congrats to Jim Day (@Fantasytaz) for running in to me at the best time to pick up his first win… with 113.04 points… sigh.

The "Matchup of the Week" easily went to Jamey Eisenberg with Giovani Bernard, Justin Blackmon and the Chiefs D/ST leading the way. We could be talking about Blackmon as a WR1 before long. John Halpin (@jhalpin37) couldn't muster 100 points even with Keenan Allen's big night, as Jimmy Graham put up a fat zero and only two other players cracked double digits. I feel your pain John! David Gonos (@davidgonos) squeaked out a win, and Matt Schauf (@SchaufDS) kept rolling, as both sit a 5-1. Eric Mack (@EricMackFantasy) took his first loss of the season in a low-scoring affair with Jeff Mans (@Jeff_Mans). After two straight less-than-1.2-point losses, Mans reversed his fortune, knocking off the last undefeated team. Mack joins Gonos, Schauf and Jamey Eisenberg (@JameyEisenberg) at 5-1. My personal GOTW was a slaughter. Nando Di Fino (@nandocbs) dropped 211.64 points on Scott Pianowski (@scott_pianowski). Di Fino had Nick Foles, Marshawn Lynch, Vincent Jackson and Vernon Davis all top 30 points for him. Hey Nando, what does that feel like?

Time to check in with the owners.

Jamey Eisenberg (Matchup of the Week winner)

1. Congrats on winning the "matchup of the week." Are you concerned with any of the weak performances though (Tony Romo, T.Y. Hilton, Calvin Johnson)?

It's always great to win the "matchup of the week." I'm honored and owe it all to my guys. I'm not worried about Tony Romo. He's obviously been awesome, and his schedule is great the rest of the season. He's a weekly starter until his bye week. Calvin Johnson is concerning with his knee injury, but hopefully he'll play his way through it and be fine long-term. And T.Y. Hilton is what he is, which is a boom or bust receiver. You just hope to have him starting the weeks he goes off.

2. The Chiefs D/ST has been a gold mine for you and all owners. Would you recommend owners shopping them in trades? And for what kind of return?

I'm going to ride the Chiefs D/ST all season. They have a great schedule for the most part outside of the Denver matchups, they get to the quarterback and create turnovers. I don't want to stream D/ST options if I don't have to, and the Chiefs allow me to sit on one unit all year.

3. Your opponent's top scorer was Keenan Allen. Somehow, he's still barely owned in most leagues. Besides telling owners to wake up, what level of production would you tell them to expect from here on out?

We were telling people for the past two weeks to add Keenan Allen, especially coming off his performance in Week 5. He was owned in 79 percent of CBSSports.com leagues for his matchup in Week 6, and 42 percent of our owners started him against the Colts. Allen is legit, and a fair comparison because of his team and his role is Danario Alexander. Think about the impact he made last season for the Chargers and fantasy owners, and he will do the same this year. He's a quality starter the rest of the way until he proves otherwise, but you'll get more positive than negative from him with the way the Chargers are throwing the ball this year.

Alex Miglio (@AlexMiglio) (Best Ball Second Place)

1. Huge week for you, which helped you close the gap a great deal on every-week leader Mike Clay. Looking at his team, do you think you can chase him down?

It's going to be a fun chase, though most owners are definitely within striking distance. I think I can catch Clay because I have a stronger set of quarterbacks and receivers, assuming everyone can stay healthy. He certainly has a better stable of running backs and an elite tight end, which evens things out. I'm going to rely on some unreliable backs outside LeSean McCoy, and Owen Daniels' injury puts me behind the eight-ball at tight end unless Kyle Rudolph isn't a one-week wonder.

2. Justin Blackmon was a big part of your Week 6 success. Are we looking at a potential WR1 going forward?

Indeed I am. This is why I drafted him, figuring he would become a strong PPR asset. The four-week wait was worth it, apparently.

3. If this were a typical league and not best ball, would you be looking to trade away any of the players on your team?

I would probably try to move Jay Cutler and one of my non-stud running backs in a package to upgrade at the running back position. As it stands, if Stevan Ridley fails me, I'm going to get some poor production out of my RB2 position.

- Next time we do this we should get a few more roster spots to account for all these injuries!


Gonos went big, very big, on Joseph Randle. We're talking $80 out of a $100 budget. With Lance Dunbar out again, obviously Randle is a strong play against the Eagles. However, there is a reason he fell to third on the depth chart, and once DeMarco Murray and/or Dunbar returns, his value plummets. I certainly wasn't tossing more than $16 his way. Halpin grabbed Brandon Jacobs for $15, and if he is healthy for Monday night, Jacobs will be a flex play. Another "however" though… do not expect anything like last week ever again. The sneaky add is Andre Brown who should be back for Week 10. I like the Kris Durham pickup for $4 by Tim Heaney, and if I wasn’t asleep at the wheel (see: too busy with my deli to get my waivers in), I would have owned Durham with a $6 bid. As it stands, I did a minor revamp adding Donald Brown, Marlon Brown, Jarrett Boykins and Tim Wright at the expense of Rashad Jennings, Jonathan Stewart, Ryan Broyles and Jeff Cumberland. All are deeper league grabs and won't save my season, but hey, staying competitive folks! Or… at least trying to.

For more waiver wire recommendations, make sure to check out John Kerwin’s Waiver Wire Matinee.

Week 7

This lineup makes me sick. Trent Richardson and DeAngelo Williams as my only two RBs? Having to start Bowe, Jennings and Golden Tate. Ugh. Just put me out of my misery now. Congrats on the win Halpin! The GOTW for the site, and in my book, is Schauf versus Mack. Two 5-1 teams with the early line being -0.5 to Mack. Can you say matchup of the season so far? Di Fino will look to beat down another opponent with his huge -35.6 spread over Day.

Finally! Early Wednesday update. It only took double-digit proposals, but Pianowski and I finally have a deal. I sent Philip Rivers, Dwayne Bowe and Jarrett Boykin for Colin Kaepernick, Bilal Powell and Cecil Shorts. With Rodgers, I don't care much about the Kaepernick end of things. However, with my poor RB situation, even a timeshare back like Powell can help, and I am more than happy to rid my life of Bowe. I'll wait on Shorts with a big smile just to have Bowe off the roster!

Best Ball (link)

Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) racked up 181.88 points but saw his lead shrink to just 19.04 points over Alex Miglio, who ran away with the season's top score of 223.98. Jonathan Bales (@BalesFootball) slipped to third. As Sigmund Bloom and Ryan Bonini (@ryanbonini) held on to fourth and fifth, while falling back a bit with mediocre scores. JJ Zachariason (@LateRoundQB) was the only other team outside of Clay and Miglio to top 140 points this week, which moved him narrowly back into the top half.

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