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Football.com Recognizes 'Best Of' 2013 Content

Created on Mar. 03, 2014 5:47 PM EST

Football.com's senior editorial staff has recognized the site's outstanding work from the past year. Close to 30 writers competed, and more than 100 articles were reviewed by the judges. Entries were graded on a 10-point scale using pre-determined criteria.

Here is a list of winners for each category...

Writer of the Year - T.J. Hatter

NFL Editor of the year – Allen Kim

FBS Editor of the Year – Matt Natali

NFL Story of the Year – Allen Kim, The NFL’s Dirty Little Secret

FBS Story of the Year – Matt Natali, Home of The Streaks Ohio State Isn’t One Of A Kind

Draft Story of the Year – Staff, 2013 NFL Draft Live Coverage

Fantasy Story of the Year – Nick Raducanu, Risky Business: Three Players Who Could Burn You In 2013

Series of the Year – T.J. Hatter, Your NFL Field Guide

News Item – Allen Kim, Coach Greg Schiano’s Hot Seat Is Burning

Video – Joe Scumaci, The Chiefs Are Who We Thought They Were

Lede – Christopher Wuensch, Colorado Risks Becoming Basketball School

Post-Game Analysis – Ronald Guy, The 'Skins Have Become A Vomit-Inducing Mess

Opinion – Eric Wickstrom, Incognito Ban Bit Fishy

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