Christopher Smith

Football Outsiders Metric Ranks VT Defense No. 1

Created on Nov. 12, 2013 10:58 PM EST

Virginia Tech's defense is best in the country according to one advanced statistical analysis.

Football Outsiders, a respected analytics site with ties to ESPN, focuses most of its attention on the NFL, but produces F/+ as its official college football rankings.

F/+, a data-driven combination of two statistical approaches (no human element), ranks Alabama, Florida State, Stanford, Baylor and Ohio State as its Top 5 overall.

The Hokies defense is third in the NCAA, allowing just 263.1 yards per game, despite an offense that ranks 92nd in yards per game.

Football Outsiders' analytics rank Virginia Tech's offense 69th and it's once-legendary special teams a dreadful 93rd.

While football fans generally are offense-obsessed in 2013, glorying with teams like Baylor and Oregon, defense has proven an important component for national championship teams.

The national consensus seems to recognize Alabama, Florida State and Stanford for having great teams and great defenses in particular. One team recognized by the Football Outsiders formula may surprise you.

So let the debate begin: Do you agree with Football Outsiders' defensive rankings?

1. Virginia Tech
2. Stanford
3. Michigan State
4. Alabama
5. USC
6. Florida State

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