Football Vs Soccer: Superstars Landon Collins and Harry Kane Battle to Show Who’s Boss

  • Giants legend Collins went head-to-head with soccer star
  • English ace Harry Kane dreams of being an NFL kicker
  • Check out the video to see who got the better of who

New York Giants safety Landon Collins had a different type of opponent to deal with in training – Premier League soccer striker Harry Kane.

Spurs and England star Kane dreams of trying out as an NFL placekicker when his professional soccer career is over.

During Tottenham Hotspurs’ preseason tour of the US, Kane dropped in at the New York Giants’ team headquarters.

The 24-year-old striker and Collins tossed some footballs around; caught some footballs; and then Kane wanted to give field-goal kicking a try.

The Premier League’s top goalscorer for the past two seasons gave it a pretty good shot.

He started from the 15-yard line, moved to the 20, and then let fly for a 50-yard field goal.

“I have always said I’d like to try and see if it would be possible,” posted Kane, the biggest NFL fan in England’s top flight. “It depends on how my career goes and injuries and how I age. But if I get to a stage where I am still fit and feel like I can do a job, I’d love to. If they have a team in England, it could work perfectly.”

He’s playing for the right team to make his dream come true. The NFL has a deal to play two games a season at Spurs’ new home once it opens.

The NFL has invested $12.8 million toward the stadium, a small percentage of the overall development cost of about $900 million.

“Maybe in a few years,” Kane told Sports Illustrated, “I’ll get a goalpost set up in my garden and start practicing.”