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Former Ohio State OL Selling Autographed Double-Bird Photos

Created on Feb. 18, 2014 7:12 AM EST

Ohio State right guard Marcus Hall lost his mind for a minute against Michigan, throwing a punch, spiking his helmet and showing the Ann Arbor crowd both his middle fingers. Now he's selling a signed photo of the incident.

Hall had a solid career as an offensive lineman for Ohio State and was part of the unit that led the Buckeyes to a 24-game win streak. But save for one infamous moment, he mostly was an anonymous right guard, grinding to try to show up on scouts' radars as a potential late-round pick.

Now that he's beyond the purview of NCAA regulations, though, he's free to try to create capital gain from his one instance of national fame.

Ejected during the game against Michigan, Hall gave the Ann Arbor crowd a double middle-finger salute as he walked off the field. Hall left the sideline and threw a punch in a skirmish following a special teams play, then slammed his helmet before flipping off more than 100,000 fans, mostly clad in maize and blue.

Ohio State suspended him for the Big Ten championship against Michigan State, and according to one of Hall's teammates, the incident left him distraught.

"Oh man, in that moment I just lost it," Hall said in January, according to "It was a big mistake on my part. I just thought about how I couldn't play the rest of the game against that team up north, and it was a big deal to me. I kind of reacted in a pretty negative way and I paid the price for it. But it's just a lesson learned."

Likely to be signed as a priority free agent in the NFL, Hall is trying to pad his wallet in case professional football doesn't work out, apparently selling an autographed photo of the gesture, CBS Sports reported. The photo, headlined with the graphic "Noteable Moments," is inscribed "4x gold pants," a reference to the trinkets Ohio State gives its players when they beat Michigan.

Though not the classiest photo to represent college football, the NFL or Hall as he tries to secure a job, clearly he has a sense of humor and has moved past whatever upset the initial backlash caused.

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