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Former Saints QB Delivers To Oklahoma Victims

Created on Jun. 06, 2013 10:32 PM EST

As a professional quarterback, John Fourcade was known for distributing passes to a variety of receivers. Today he is distributing supplies to a group in need of things much more than spirals.

The former New Orleans Saints QB is leading a three-truck convoy from Louisiana to storm-ravaged Oklahoma. The need was there and Fourcade did not have to look too far in the past to empathize with the tornado victims.

“On our Gulf Coast it’s hurricane this and hurricane that,” the Gretna, La., native said. “After Katrina, people came to New Orleans from all over to lend a hand. Now we have a chance to do the same.”

Wednesday at 5 a.m., Fourcade was in one of the trucks headed northwest. The first stop was Norman, Okla., at Journey Church, with the logistics handled by former Sooners coach Barry Switzer. From there, the convoy moved to a high school in Moore, Okla., to deliver supplies.

Although he is out front in the effort, Fourcade insists he is not the focal point.

“David West (of the New Orleans Hornets) and his wife put together the supply of goodies,” Forecade said. “This is from the people of New Orleans. The people all came together and what an organization called Punctual Abstract has done this week is amazing.”

Surprisingly, this is not Fourcade’s first endeavor of this sort. After Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey, he stepped in as well.

“When the storm hit New York, the Saints were scheduled to play there,” Fourcade, who serves as a television analyst, said. “Instead of flying up there, we took a trailer of supplies up. We did the same thing when the explosion happened in West Texas.”

The convoy, which will have a police escort for the entire trip, is only the first step in Fourcade’s effort to help the region recover. The amount of supplies that have been donated filled the three trucks and there is enough left to fill three more.

“On Wednesday the 12th, we are loading the trucks again and heading back,” Fourcade said. “We have three trucks, but we could use three more to get those people what they need.”

For those who would like to donate, Fourcade can be reached at his Facebook page or via email at

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