James Williams

Foster Will Miss Time With Calf Injury

Created on Jun. 02, 2013 8:00 PM EST

Running back Arian Foster will miss the rest of the Texans’ OTAs due to a calf strain.

Foster will also miss mini-camp due to the strained calf.

The bright side for Texans fans is that Foster is expected to return in time for training camp. While it may be a reach, it is still hopeful Foster can rebound from this injury. Who knows, he could even have the type of season Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson had in 2012 when he came back from his much more severe injury (Peterson tore his MCL and ACL).

While Foster's injury is nothing like Peterson's injury, the hope is that Foster treats his injuries and heals up much like Peterson did.

The last thing the Texans can afford is to take a step back. Their star running back having to deal with a lingering injury during the season will do them no favors in their road to the playoffs.

We will have to just wait and see how Foster recovers. Ironically, our first look at him will come when the team takes the field against Peterson and the Vikings on August 9 to open the preseason.

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