Game-By-Game Predictions For The 'Skins

Created on Sept. 03, 2013 12:01 PM EST

Week 6 To Week 9

Week 6: Washington at Dallas

Score: ‘Skins 35, Cowboys 31

Here’s the deal: RGIII digs returning to the state of Texas. That was apparent on Thanksgiving Day last year when he played perhaps his best game of the 2012 season and authored their first win in Dallas on turkey day.

RGIII’s made for that massive “I feel the need to compensate for something” video screen Jerry Jones installed in his “living room” (Cowboys Stadium). Assuming he’s still in one piece and under center, it’s hard to imagine RGIII, coming off a couple of weeks of rest, not shining in this primetime affair on Sunday Night Football and leading the ‘Skins to big road win within the division.

Week 7: Chicago at Washington

Score: ‘Skins 23, Bears 20

Here’s the deal: The ‘Skins are going to be hung over after a big win in Dallas, and we’ve all seen, courtesy of "The Hangover" trilogy, how men (allegedly) behave while intoxicated and hung over.

Further, the Bears have the advantage of additional rest, having played the Thursday night game in Week 6. The thought is the ‘Skins start sluggish, Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall get some work done, and Chicago snatches control of the game. After halftime, the headache meds kick in, the cobwebs clear and the ‘Skins rally, beating Da Bears on a late Kai Forbath field goal.

Somewhere Jay Cutler throws a momentum-shifting interception. Why? Well, because he’s Jay Cutler.

Week 8: Washington at Denver

Score: Broncos 31, ‘Skins 16

Here’s the deal: Yes, it’s Mike Shanahan’s return to Denver, a fact that will no doubt add a little vigor to the pre-game speech. But this is the NFL — all that rah-rah pre-game cheerleading lasts about two series, after which it’s simply about one team imposing its will on the other. And besides, don’t you think Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and former QB John Elway want to get one over on their former head coach too?

After rattling off four wins in a row, the ‘Skins will arrive in Denver feeling a little too good about themselves. Von Miller will be back. Peyton Manning will have all the new offensive toys fully integrated and humming. And with Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Wes Welker being checked by DeAngelo Hall, Josh Wilson and David Amerson, there’s not a single wide receiver-cornerback matchup that favors the ‘Skins.

The result: a good old fashion whipping and a somber flight back to D.C.

Week 9: San Diego at Washington

Score: ‘Skins 30, Chargers 20

Here’s the deal: Oh, you already know the deal. The Chargers aren’t very good, are traveling east for a 1 pm kickoff and the ‘Skins will be ornery after getting thumped by Denver.

I sense a score by the ‘Skins defense in this one — maybe a pick-six thrown by Phillip Rivers after which he’ll deflect blame by visibly chewing out an anonymous wide receiver (seriously, doesn’t San Diego lead the league in unknown wide receivers?). The one potential glitch in their get well game is this: San Diego will be coming of a bye week, and mid-season rest for an NFL team is as precious as a good night’s sleep for a new parent.

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