Noah Weintraub

Geno Would Waste Time At 'Jets West' Camp

Created on Jul. 06, 2013 9:00 PM EST

New York Jets incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez will be hosting his annual ‘Jets West’ Camp within the next month. The challenger to Sanchez’s job, Geno Smith, would be wise to avoid the camp.

Sanchez struggled the past two seasons as the Jets starting quarterback as they won only 14 games over that span. This included third-string quarterback Greg McElroy replacing Sanchez during a game last season.

Sanchez’s ‘Jets West’ Camp is an opportunity for him to establish a rapport with the wide receivers and tight ends, according to James Walker of This did not stop a backup quarterback from attending the camp last off-season.

Last off-season, Tim Tebow attended the camp. However, this year’s primary backup quarterback is not promising to attend.

Smith is reportedly unsure if he wants to attend the camp, which will most likely occur within the next month. The Jets drafted Smith to be Sanchez’s primary competition.

It appears the camp is a public relations move by Sanchez to show he is a competent quarterback and leader of the team. Therefore, it would make no sense for Smith to attend.

If Smith attended the camp and outperformed Sanchez, then speculation would skyrocket about Smith being the better quarterback. However, if Smith performs terribly at the camp, then the media would criticize him.

The last thing the Jets need is more media attention on the quarterback competition. Smith would be better off training with an accomplished quarterback coach or guru.

This would help Smith grow as a quarterback and allow him to ratchet up the pressure on Sanchez.

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