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Georgia Fan Cries On Live Radio

Created on Sept. 03, 2013 4:26 AM EST

When my son is disappointed or doesn't get his way, I can always count on tears to flow.

I live with the hope that he'll grow out of it one day, but after listening to a Georgia fan call into radio station 92.9 The Game after the Bulldogs lost to Clemson on Saturday night, a realization hit me — to some people, it's more than just a game ... it's life.

A YouTube video of the call showed up and it was rather interesting. Listen to it here.

The caller (Tyler from Atlanta) was passionate, saying he's a life-long fan of the Bulldogs. So was his daddy and his grand-daddy. He said Georgia is never going to get anywhere with coach Mark Richt and they need to get rid of him right away. When asked who Georgia would replace him with, the caller had no response, adding "our whole season's gone. How we gonna go play South Carolina now?"

Once the comedy subsided from listening to the call, I took a step back and tried to look at it from an unbiased perspective, considering I root for Georgia as well.

Let's address a few things:

The Whole Season Isn't Gone

While many fans are panicking, they must remember it was a three-point loss to the then-No. 8 Tigers. It's not like Georgia lost to Eastern Washington or North Dakota State. Georgia lost to a good Clemson team.

Let's not forget Clemson is not in the SEC, so it's not like the Bulldogs are out of the SEC title race.

Last year, South Carolina beat Georgia to a pulp, but UGA won the SEC East. Had they beat Alabama in the SEC title game, they would have played for the national championship and likely beat Notre Dame.

One loss, especially at the beginning of the year, does not spell doom for the rest of the season. Georgia lost to a good team and just has to regroup and get ready for South Carolina on Saturday.

There's No Crying In Football ... If You're A Fan

I can understand players showing emotion, especially after working so hard in practice and in the game, only to come out on the short end of the stick. 

But for someone whose only attachment to the team is as a fan, there should be no tears. You didn't invest time in practice. You didn't go through two-a-days in August. Your only investment comes in the way of buying tickets and merchandise. That's it. 

This crying attitude that the world is ending because UGA lost is rather old. It's a game and has no bearing on life.

If UGA would have won the national championship last year, would that have helped you put food on the table for your family? Would it have put gas in your car? Would it have gotten you a promotion at work?

Unless you're on the coaching staff, the likely answer is "no."

Football is a game and nothing else. Sure, a lot of people make huge amounts of money off of it, but most of us won't make a dime.

We watch the game because we love it, and it allows us a chance to break up the monotony of what we call life. A game should not ruin our perspective on things.

Spewing Hatred

I get amazed when I go onto comment boards and see rival fans spewing hatred at one another. Most have never met each other, but they feel just because someone went to or roots for a certain school, they are a certain way.

They'll cuss each other out and wish the worst things on each other, all because of what — stereotypes?

Some fans will take jabs at each other in clean fun. To me, that's OK because that's all it is. But when things start to get too personal, that's when there's a problem.

We wonder why our society has issues with race when we do the same thing. We're still looking at the color of a person, but instead of it being the color of their skin, it's the color of their jersey.

Football is a game and it will never be anything more than that. If your team loses, oh well. It's life!

But this acting like children because our team loses has to stop. We're bigger than that. 

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