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Get Used To Ponder To Patterson

Created on May. 06, 2013 9:35 AM EST

In today's NFL, most teams look to find that one offensive player that can score at any time from any place on the field. In 2009, the Minnesota Vikings found that player in Percy Harvin. 

Problem is, now he's in Seattle.

Greg Jennings was signed to add experience and stability  to a young reciving core after losing Harvin, but needed that x-factor. Rumors circulated that the Vikings were looking to make a move up in the draft to nab West Virginia's Tavon Austin, but were unable to make the move.

Yet in the midst of the Vikings making their first-round splash, they may have found their guy. Cordarrelle Patterson was still available just after making what was thought to be the team's last pick at No. 25.

Minnesota put together a trade package with the New England Patriots that sent the Vikings' 52nd, 83rd, 102nd and 229th to the Patriots for their 29th pick, and with that pick, the Vikings selected the Tennessee playmaker.

Undoubtedly, expectations are high, but Patterson has shown that he is capable of becoming a very talented player.

Much like Harvin, Patterson will be featured on special teams as a kick returner and will also return punts, as well. Many compare Patterson to Harvin because of the playmaking ability, however, the bigger body of Patterson will allow him to line up anywhere on the field. 

Patterson's versatility will make life much easier for Christian Ponder. Having a player of Patterson's ability will make defenses take notice to him opening up other options. His speed will provide that extra boost.

In many ways, Patterson is the perfect player for what the Vikings are trying to establish in a aerial attack. An offense that will drain your defense's energy with Adrian Peterson, and just when the defensive backs creep in Ponder can throw in a play action bomb to Patterson. 

Again, much like Harvin, its all about getting the ball into Patterson's hands and watching him work. 

Patterson is still young and although talented is still a bit raw. Jennings mentioned in interview with that he has reached out to Patterson and said is excited to take him under his wing. 

With a bit of polishing from one of the leagues better character players, Patterson could live up to the number he chose to wear … 84.

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