Robert Moreschi

Giant Expectations For 2013 Draft Picks

Created on Apr. 30, 2013 12:08 AM EST

Round 4: QB Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

What to expect: This pick definitely surprised a lot of fans and experts alike, especially considering the fact that the Giants traded up to the 110th overall pick in the fourth round. The quarterback position isn't something that Giants fans have had to think of for almost nine seasons now, since they made that draft day trade with the San Diego Chargers back in 2004. But Nassib was high up on the Giants' boards, and when he was still available in the fourth round, they had to take him. He should provide some competition for David Carr for the backup spot this season, which is the last year on Carr's contract. For the future, Nassib will likely be a decent insurance policy in the unfortunate event that Manning should snap his consecutive games started streak.

Who they could have gotten instead: There was a sudden run on quarterbacks in the fourth round of the draft. Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson was taken two picks after the Giants by the Oakland Raiders, and Oklahoma QB Landry Jones was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers five picks after the Giants. Also, Marcus Lattimore, the running back from South Carolina, was taken later in the round by the San Francisco 49ers. Although Lattimore is coming off of a major season-ending injury, it could be worth it to take a flyer on him in the chance that he returns to the level of play he was at before his injury.

Potential impact: The Giants and their fans are hoping that Nassib never has to see the playing field during the regular season unless it's late in the fourth quarter and the Giants have a double-digit lead. However, he will likely be the backup to Manning in 2014, and if there isn't a need for him in New York, there's always the chance he could be used as a trading chip in future years.

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