Robert Moreschi

Giants Smart To Nab Nassib In The Draft

Created on May. 07, 2013 5:00 AM EST

On the surface, picking Ryan Nassib in the 2013 NFL Draft may have caused quite a few fans and analysts to scratch their heads. After all, trading up to draft a quarterback in the fourth round of the NFL draft wasn't a move most people expected the New York Giants to make, especially since the man currently occupying that position for Big Blue hasn't missed a regular season start since he was drafted. Now before you get all up in arms at me about jinxing Manning's consecutive starts streak, remember that I'm not the one that puts up a graphic on TV with the number of games he's started in a row every single week like a particular local channel's postgame show tends to do.

For those that aren’t superstitious, I'll put it simply: Eli Manning has been nothing short of an iron man over his career to this point, and the team has fared just fine with David Carr sporting the baseball cap with a clipboard on the sidelines and running the scout team in practices. Plus, he's still signed for another season, so why the rush in grabbing another backup quarterback? Well, it's like this: let's say that something does happen to Eli this season or next. How many of you would feel confident with David Carr running the offense for an extended period of time?

Not me, that's for sure.

Having a young quarterback groomed in the Giants system waiting in the wings to step in and take control of the offense in the event of a longtime injury sounds like a better alternative than throwing David Carr in there, crossing your fingers and hoping that he can string together a few wins. At least in the case of Nassib, you have a young player with the potential to be a successful NFL quarterback, whereas we've already seen most of what David Carr has to offer as a starting quarterback in this league.

That's not the only potential upside of drafting a young quarterback like Nassib, though. With him, you also have the possibility of another Matt Flynn type of situation, where the Giants can turn around a few years down the road and flip Nassib to a team in need of a quarterback for a few draft picks or some other pieces that they may need.

The absolute best case scenario? Well, that would be the Aaron Rodgers type of situation, where Nassib sits in the wings waiting for four or five years until Manning is ready to retire and then take over. Of course, nobody is comparing Nassib to Rodgers, and I'm fully aware that Nassib was nowhere near as highly regarded coming out of college as Rodgers was when he left Cal. But with Manning now 32 years old, he's now in the latter half of his career, and it certainly doesn't hurt to begin grooming a new quarterback of the future, even if he doesn't end up being the future.

Now, maybe Nassib will never end up seeing the field in a Giants uniform, as Jerry Reese remarked shortly after the draft. That might very well be the case, and that wouldn't be a bad thing at all. But in the off chance that he is needed at some point in the near future, it wouldn't hurt to have him as an insurance plan. For that reason, it's hard to say that trading up in the fourth round to grab Nassib wasn't a smart move, as it's easy to see how the Giants can certainly benefit from his potential somewhere down the road.

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