Christopher Scali

Glennon Is The Key To Hidden Treasure In Tampa Bay

Created on Oct. 21, 2013 6:39 PM EST

Ever since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released Josh Freeman and handed the starting quarterback job to rookie Mike Glannon, Bucs fans have all been wondering: Is Glennon the long-term solution for our team?

In my eyes, Glennon the Cannon will be a future star down in the misty bay. When Glennon received the starting job, the locker room was in shambles because of the Freeman drama and an 0-4 start. But Glennon has shown improvement in each of his starts thus far. In last week's loss to the Atlanta Falcons, Glennon passed for 256 yards and two touchdowns. That performance brought his career totals to 722 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions. Glennon also has a quarterback rating of 77.1 and is beginning to develop chemistry with members of the Tampa Bay offense, including a fellow rookie in TE Tim Wright. Glennon has also leaned heavily on WR Vincent Jackson, who hauled in a 59-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter along with a 1-yard touchdown grab in the third against Atlanta.   

Glennon has shown to all Buccaneers fans that he can help save this franchise despite his 0-3 start. Glennon has showed poise and confidence under pressure and has what Freeman lacked towards the end of his time in Tampa - accuracy, arm strength and leadership. Glennon did have an outstanding game on the road and he is going to sail the Bucs to the promised land one day. When the Buccaneers drafted Glennon, I was ecstatic and I knew that he was the missing piece for this Tampa Bay team. Despite Glennon’s 0-3 start, he has been throwing touchdowns and completing more then 50 percent of his passes. Glennon will one day put the Buccaneers on the map and prove to everyone that he is the starting quarterback for this franchise.

This Thursday, Glennon will be back in the Bay facing another NFC South opponent in the Carolina Panthers. Glennon has the ability needed to spear down the agile Panthers. The Panthers have looked very vulnerable at times since the start of the season, but they do have a strong defense, so Glennon must have a turnover free game to sail Tampa to its first NFC South win in front of the home crowd.

Glennon will quickly become the face of the Buccaneers franchise. He has all of the tools to be a starting quarterback in this league. This may be a little premature to say, but Glennon will take Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl. It may not be this season, but the Buccaneers will have their year.

Fire those cannons and raise those sails because Mike Glennon is the new captain of the S.S. Tampa!

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