Christopher Scali

Glennon Will Sail Tampa To The Playoffs

Created on Aug. 22, 2014 9:57 PM EST

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2014 preseason has been a serious rocky start. The Buccaneers have lost two straight preseason games.  Some people say it does not matter but in reality it does.  Preseason football matters, it gives football fans a taste on how their team is going to preform.  The Bucs have sunk their ship twice to two Floridian teams; the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins. 

After watching both games very carefully the quarterback that I want starting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is Mike Glennon. I personally think Mike Glennon knows the playbook better than Josh McCown. This will be Glennon’s second season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I think he has a better pocket presence, accuracy and arm strength. I want him to be the face of the Buccaneers.  In the Jaguars game Glennon passed for 140 yards and one touchdown.  Josh McCown was 2/4 and one interception. It is obvious that Glennon had majority of the reps but you can get a good taste of how a quarterback will preform with a series.  

McCown showed no confidence in the Jaguars game, he simply did not impress me.  He is an average quarterback with good skills under pressure and he has an idea to take control of an NFL offense.  McCown passed for 46 yards had one touchdown but Mike Glennon was still the top passer with 77 yards.  

It simply annoys me that new head coach Lovie Smith immediately named Josh McCown the “starter” for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before the NFL preseason begun.  That is bit bias if you ask me. What if McCown starts this season and loose 4 straight games? No Buccaneer fan wants to start the season on the wrong foot.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneer coaching staff must analyze Mike Glennon and Josh McCown with a fine toothcomb.  I want Mike Glennon to be the starter for the Buccaneers, he deserves to have a fresh season.

Numbers don’t lie right? Last season Mike Glennon started 13 games, passed for 2608 yards, 19 touchdowns and nine interceptions.  That is absolutely insane! Glennon was so close of winning rookie of the year. If Glennon had a healthy team in 2013 then he would have sailed the Buccaneers to the playoffs.  Mike Glennon deserves to be the starting quarterback against the Carolina Panthers.  In 2013  Josh McCown started eight games and passed for 1829 yards, 13 touchdowns and one interception.  The numbers don’t lie! Glennon over McCown.

The Buccaneers face the Buffalo Bills this Saturday. This is going to be a big test for the Buccaneers. The Buffalo Bills have been looking rather hot this preseason. The Bills have shown a strong offense with rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins and the Bills showed a strong defense. The Buccaneers better name the starting quarterback after this game. This is the time for Mike Glennon to show what he has. Glennon will sail the Buccaneers to the playoffs down the misty bay.

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