Tommy Brown

Goonies Never Say Die: Season 2

Created on Mar. 11, 2013 3:40 AM EST

After last weekend's somewhat harsh 2-0 loss to Real Salt Lake, many critics were writing off the Earthquakes, at least until Lenhart and Gordon got healthy. Frankly, those critics had every right to do so, the attack seemed to be able to create opportunities, but lacked the strength in the box to convert. Today, San Jose proved last season's result was no fluke.

Adam Jahn decided that the Goonies needed another addition to the squad, and announced his arrival with a stunning flying volley in the 83rd minute off a fantastic cross from Sam Cronin. Even better, he wasn't done there. In the 90th minute, off a Sam Garza corner, Jahn rose and headed the ball towards the net, only for NYRB-goat-of-the-night Roy Miller to handle it inside the area, giving Wondo a chance for the win.

You would think that New York learned their lesson last year not to encroach during a penalty kick, but Roy Miller ended up 4 yards in almost before Wondo even began his initial run-up. While that penalty was saved, the referee absolutely spotted the infringement (he almost called it before the kick was even taken) and had Wondo retake the kick, which he casually converted.

The stunning turnaround is nothing new to San Jose fans, and Frank Yallop echoed that sentiment, "As long as you keep it to one [goal] you always have a chance at that, what a great finish from Adam [Jahn]." Even Wondo weighed in and claimed Jahn was the Man of the Match off the bench, and though Jahn himself answered questions very humbly, Lenhart and Gordon came by to claim they had a new Goonie in Jahn.

While many chose Jahn as the Man of the Match, and rightfully so for his contributions that directly impacted the end result, I personally felt Sam Cronin deserved some credit. The man was everywhere, he single handedly had to marshal the center of the pitch for almost the entire match, and even found time to play one of the most gorgeous crosses I've seen recently to get the assist on Jahn's goal. To take away Cronin's influence on the match today would be a travesty.

The Earthquakes, and their new Goonie Adam Jahn, meet the Columbus Crew in Columbus next Saturday, March 16th. Kickoff is at 2:30 Pacific.

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