Taylor Williams

Grading The Cowboys' Free Agent Moves To Date

Created on Mar. 28, 2014 7:00 AM EST

Two weeks into free agency, it looks like the Dallas Cowboys have played their cards. For the second straight year, March Madness in Valley Ranch was spent restructuring deals, slashing payroll and inevitably signing players to incentive-based and back-loaded contracts.

Under the circumstances, the ‘Boys have done a commendable job targeting their biggest area of need: the defensive line. But have they done enough to consider another position – ideally a safety – with their first-round pick? That’s the real doozy of a question looking forward.

But, for now, we can concentrate on the Jones boys and how well they did their jobs over the last couple weeks. Here are some forward-looking thoughts on what the new signings mean for Dallas. All figures courtesy of cowboysdraftbeat.com.

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