Christopher Scali

Greg Schiano's Throne Starting To Warm Up

Created on Oct. 06, 2013 9:56 AM EST

Now that Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman was given his walking papers, is head coach Greg Schiano now on the hot seat down? After his team's 0-4 start and the Freeman soap opera, Schiano might find himself in the line of fire. Tampa Bay has been through nine head coaches since the birth of the franchise, only one of which (Jon Gruden) was able to take the team to the promised land and win a Super Bowl. Schiano needs to get his team in order quickly. Luckily, the coaching staff has a bye week to patch up the holes in their rapidly sinking ship.

I think Schiano was the main reason that Freeman was run out of Tampa. Yes, I understand that winning football games is extremely important in this league, but running your franchise quarterback away from the team is downright degrading. According to, Schiano ordered Freeman to watch the game in which he was benched from the hotel suite instead of the sideline. What is the deal with that? At the time, Freeman was a part of that team just like everyone else and should not have been separated from his team like that.

Personally, I think Schiano dug Tampa Bay into a little bit of a hole. The Bucs have 21 days until the NFL trade deadline and they released Freeman at the drop of a hat. The Buccaneers now only have two quarterbacks in rookie Mike Glennon and veteran backup Dan Orlovsky. What if Glennon gets injured? Schiano will have to bite the bullet and start Orlovsky. If that happens, Tampa Bay will be shark bait and Schiano will be looking for a new head coaching job. In order for Schiano and general manager Mark Dominik to keep their jobs, I believe they will need to win at least seven games this season. Schiano can't lose any more games from here on out. The Buccaneers have such a brutal schedule coming up too, including two primetime television games. Glennon will be under the spotlight for Thursday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers and Monday Night Football against the Miami Dolphins. If Tampa Bay loses both of these games, I would not be surprised to see Schiano and Dominik both sent to Davy Jones' locker.

Playing for Schiano is not easy, as he looks like the coach that is very hard hitting and will get in your face if you are not performing to his expectations. Every coach in the NFL needs to set examples for his players, but I think Schiano can go a little bit to far.

"It wasn't easy," said former Rutgers and Seahawks QB Mike Teel of playing for Schiano in an interview with “You needed to have tough skin playing for Schiano.”

Schiano would scream at Teel after almost every throw. That recipe may work in college to an extent, but I do not think it works in the NFL. Every head coach should treat their players with respect and give them the right amount of discipline. Screaming or telling your player not to attend team meetings is not a way to win football games. I understand that Schiano wants to bring a different kind of coaching discipline, but maybe he should loosen up those sails a little bit more.

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