Chris Stephens

Has Bobo Finally Earned Respect From UGA Fans?

Created on Jun. 02, 2013 9:03 PM EST

Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo has long drawn the ire of Georgia fans, who continually found ways to blame him for problems within the program.

From various Facebook groups to a petition of, fans have found multiple ways to express their displeasure with Bobo and the Bulldogs.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution posted a story in April 2012 about the difference in perception of Bobo between fans and other coaches.

To a large contingent in the Bulldog nation, he is “Bobo the Buffoon” and “Mike Boo-Boo.” He’s characterized in fan forums and chatrooms as a dimwit who is overmatched weekly against the SEC’s powerful defensive minds. But inside college football Bobo (is viewed) in a much different light.

They point to the yards and points Georgia puts up every year, to Bobo’s development of high-caliber quarterbacks and skill players, to his cunning and effectiveness as a recruiter.

When Bobo became Georgia's offensive coordinator, Georgia went from the seventh-best offensive team in the conference to the second-best in 2008.

While 2009 and 2010 were down years overall for Georgia, the last two years have seen the Bulldogs in the top two in total offense.

And it's not like Georgia has backed its way into the SEC title game and compiled double-digit wins by accident.

The offense has been a key cog because of Bobo's leadership of the group. While many will credit Aaron Murray with leading the charge, Bobo has to be credited with his development of Murray.

Georgia scored the third-most points (37.8) in the SEC last year, scoring at least 35 points in 10 games and 45 points six times.

Bobo has proven himself during the last few years and it's time he gets the respect he deserves from the Georgia fan base.

There's an old saying that you don't know how good you have it until it's no longer there. When Bobo leaves Georgia to become a head coach at another program, fans are going to wish he was back.

It's time to give him the respect he deserves.

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