Eric Russell

Heisman Race: How Many Votes Will Winston Lose?

Created on Nov. 20, 2013 11:28 PM EST

The Jameis Winston allegations are bringing a new meaning to the phrase "Heisman Race."

Winston has been accused of sexual assault, though the physical description of the perpetrator does not resemble the quarterback. Winston's lawyer has denied his involvement.

The Tampa Bay Times released a statement from the alleged victim's family on Wednesday which claimed police discouraged the accuser from filing charges. More voters are likely to look at the situation a bit differently when casting their ballots because of that new layer. The question becomes how much more information will come out before Heisman ballots are due?

As it currently stands, there's not enough information for voters to jump off the Winston bandwagon. Voters like Christine Brennan of USA Today and a handful of others have already said the situation will affect how they vote. The current state of the situation leaves many things up for speculation, and Winston has chosen not to speak on the matter.

Winston certainly has done enough on the field to be the favorite candidate. The redshirt freshman has his team in line to compete for a national title while playing like a veteran. It remains to be seen if any bombshells will be uncovered in the case to derail his campaign, but he should still have enough support to win the award right now.

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