Allen Kim

Hernandez Allegedly Admitted To Shooting Lloyd

Created on Jul. 09, 2013 8:32 PM EST

The Aaron Hernandez murder investigation took another turn today. Court documents filed in Florida say that the former New England Patriots tight end admitted to firing the shots that killed Odin Lloyd, according to the Associated Press. The statement came from Hernandez’s associate, Carlos Ortiz, who told investigators that one of Hernandez’s other associates, Ernest Wallace, relayed to him that Hernandez admitted to killing Lloyd.

If true, Hernandez’s legal team won’t be too happy about it. The documents also contradict Ortiz’s lawyer, who said that his client was not cooperating with the police.

However, this is a very odd statement as Ortiz was allegedly in the car with Hernandez, Wallace and Lloyd at the time of the murder. It’s tough to determine why Wallace would need to tell Ortiz that Hernandez was the one who killed Lloyd if he was at the site of the crime.

This is far from being any sort of clear-cut evidence that Hernandez is guilty, but it alleges that Hernandez did more than just orchestrate the killing of Lloyd.

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