Arjuna Ramgopal

Hernandez May Be Done

Created on Jun. 22, 2013 4:26 PM EST

Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots is in some hot water with multiple reports stating that the Patriots star TE house was searched due to a possible connection with a homicide.

Greg Bedard of Sports Illustrated reported police took a brown box from the house on Tuesday. An SUV rented out in Hernandez’s name is also connected to the homicide. Multiple sources state the victim was an associate of Hernandez. Hernandez is not a suspect at the moment, but recent text messages uncovered put Hernandez with the victim the night of his murder. Hernandez is not officially a suspect at this time. 

CSNNE is also reporting that Hernandez is being sued by a man from Miami, Florida for allegedly shooting him in the face with an unlicensed firearm. The lawsuit was filed last week, with the incident reportedly taking place in February. The police in Miami, Florida dealt with the situation at the time but did not press any charges against Hernandez. 

Back in 2010, Hernandez fell to the fourth round due to character concerns, including being involved in drugs and gangs. For his first three seasons, Hernandez was squeaky clean for the Patriots and productive as well, recording 175 catches for 1956 yards and 18 TD. 

Last year, the team rewarded Hernandez with a long-term deal that runs through 2018. The team also rewarded Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots other star TE, with a lucrative deal that runs through 2019. At the time, the deals were praised as both TEs looked to be becoming stars. 

One year later, and now the deals don’t look as great. With a combined $32 million guaranteed to both players, both players missed time last year and could miss time this year. In a worst case scenario, the duo could be in different uniforms in 2014 with Hernandez being let go by the team due to the transgressions and the Patriots cutting Gronk due to injuries. 

If Hernandez misses time due to suspension or jail time, it would be a huge blow. With Gronkowski unlikely to start the season on time, along with a complete roster overhaul at the WR spot, Hernandez was being counted upon by Tom Brady and the offense to be a go-to guy. 

An overlooked part of the situation will be the trust between the team and Hernandez. The Patriots gave the troubled TE a second chance and now he has brought unnecessary drama to a team that’s seen too much drama recently. There aren’t too many Patriot players you hear of getting into trouble with the law. 

While Hernandez is innocent until proven guilty, there is a lot going against him. The biggest question has to be why he is even in a situation like this. The Patriots will surely be asking the same questions.

Ultimately, the law will play out. Until then, we can only speculate. But Hernandez will walk away with some major consequences with the law, the NFL and/or the Patriots. No one is above the law and there is a growing possibility that Aaron Hernandez may have played his last down for New England. 

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