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Herschel Walker's Nephew Smart To Avoid Bulldogs

Created on May. 15, 2013 2:57 AM EST

Herschel Walker is one of the greatest Georgia Bulldogs ever to play.

So, it was a foregone conclusion that his nephew (four-star tight end Milan Richard) was going to sign with the Bulldogs ... right?


Richard announced early in May that he had narrowed his list down to Clemson, South Carolina, Vanderbilt and Ole Miss. Just a few days later, he committed to Clemson.

The commitment was partly a shock, but the fact that Georgia wasn't even listed in his top four had some people feeling like he snubbed Georgia.

However, those fans have it all wrong for many reasons.


I believe children or relatives of star college players need to go somewhere else to forge their own path.

While some players want to go where their father or uncle went, others want to make a name for themselves and not live off a name.

Some fans don't understand that.

Sure, Richard could bring back memories of his uncle, but he would always be living in the shadow of Walker.

Committing to Clemson allows him to forge his own path.


While it would have been nice to have Richard, the fact remains that Georgia was only going to sign one tight end in this class.

And that spot went to four-star tight end Jeb Blazevich.

As Richard told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“They (Georgia) are only going to take one guy,” Richard told the AJC on Sunday night. “Me and Jeb are very close. And I think a lot of people forget the fact that even though we were both recruited by the same schools at the same position, we’re still good (friends). I have nothing against Jeb. We’re really close. (Georgia) got a great guy with Jeb.

“It’s nothing bad against Georgia, but they’re only taking one kid (at tight end). So that door has closed.”

Some may not like it, but Georgia is already loaded at tight end.

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