Kyle Ratke

Historic Trades In Broncos History

Created on May. 17, 2013 10:58 PM EST

John Elway Trade

This is the best trade in Denver’s history and also might be the best trade in NFL history. Well, not so much for the Baltimore Colts.

Elway proclaimed he wouldn’t play for the Colts. The Colts then sent Elway to Denver for Denver’s 1983 first-round pick offensive linemen Chris Hinton, Denver’s 1984 first-round pick and quarterback Mark Herrmann.

Hinton was actually pretty good, starting 172 games during his career and being named to the Pro Bowl seven times.

Hermann started one game for Baltimore in ’83 and threw three interceptions, while the 1984 first-round pick turned into Ron Solt. Solt played for the Colts until 1987 and started 59 games at right guard.

But Elway? Yeah, I don’t need to explain what he did for Denver… and the scary thing is, the trade is still paying off for the Broncos.

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