Mike Edler

How Do Titans Win the Fisher Bowl?

Created on Oct. 31, 2013 10:05 AM EST

Coming off the bye week, the Titans find themselves at 3-4 after starting the season at 3-1. This week they draw the St. Louis Rams in what is being coined the “Jeff Fisher Bowl” because of Coach Fisher’s first matchup against his former team. With the Titan’s three victories being against teams in the thick of the playoff race and having three loses against some of the best in the league, it’s hard to really see what kind of team the Titans are.  This week however, is a very winnable game and the keys really play to the Titans strengths.

Establish the Run:

Mike Munchak has already said that he wants Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene to split the carries 20-15 this weekend, and I believe thats the right move. During the preseason preview I said that Johnson is at his best when he has a big bruising back to carry some of the load. With Greene returning this week 100%, the Titans finally get a look at the backfield they envisioned in the offseason. With Brian Schwenke settling in to the center position and the play of Chance Warmack and Andy Levite improving, the Titans going over 150 yards rushing and a breakout game by Chris Johnson is not out of the question here.

Stay Healthy:

Jake Locker is back and even played through some pain against the 49ers. This encourages me and gave me some Steve McNair flashbacks. Keeping Locker upright and healthy is key to this game and more importantly, the rest of the season. The Rams are a tough physical team and can match the Titans blow for blow on defense, so a key to coming out with a victory is keeping the core of players healthy.

Put the Past Behind You:

The past four weeks are dead and buried. Losing three straight can cripple a team’s season, there is no denying that, but the Titans have to rise above it. This team was 3-1 and beat three teams that are emerging as contenders on various levels, thats very encouraging. It’s safe to say the Rams are the worst team the Titans have played thus far- the Texans game was pre-collapse- so a win is not only possible but it has to be expected.  Lose this game and I am ready to put a fork in the season, it is that crucial to win this game and get back to .500.  Will they rise to occasion and establish themselves in this league? We’ll find out on Sunday.

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