Michael Saenz

How Long Will Kenny Britt Be A Titan?

Sep 12, 2013 5:00 AM EST

Kenny Britt’s days in a Tennessee Titans uniform are numbered.

Not because of a lack on his part, but because he simply doesn’t fit. He’s been given five years in Tennessee, and he’s actually regressed – statistically – in every year after his sophomore season. Really, the numbers are startling.

Although, it should be noted that during the 2011 season he did suffer a significant knee injury, but still, the pattern is not encouraging.

During his rookie season, Britt accounted for 42 receptions, 701 yards and three touchdowns on 75 targets. In his sophomore season, he caught 42 balls for 775 yards and nine touchdowns on two fewer targets. Also, that was in 12 games played. That was probably his best season.

His third season, he suffered a torn ACL and MCL in week three, so there’s really no reason to talk about those numbers.

Last season, in 14 games, he caught a career-high 45 balls for 589 yards and four touchdowns on a career-high 90 targets. That’s not that bad for a season coming off a devastating knee injury. However, the fact that he only converted 50 percent of his targets that year should’ve been a sign.

Fast forward to this season, Britt tallied one catch for 15 yards on two targets in week one vs the Steelers. It was a little strange to be honest. Two targets? That’s it... for arguably your best receiver?

Plus, he did that while leading the receivers with 43 snap counts. So, it wasn’t a lack of playing time, if that’s your defense. Granted, Jake Locker only completed 11 passes on 20 attempts, but still. Two targets isn’t good, especially not  for your ace receiver.

In week one, the top targets for Locker were Delanie Walker (seven) followed by Nate Washington (four) and Kendall Wright (four). Again, Britt had two.

Britt didn’t get off to the best of start in week one, no doubt about it. Go ahead and credit the Pittsburgh defense, but the fact that Locker didn’t look his way more than a couple times is something that should catch your attention.

Locker isn’t the best of quarterbacks. In fact, he has a long way to go. But shouldn’t that make him more reliant on his number one receiver? Perhaps, Britt isn’t a number one receiver.

If you go back to Britt’s best seasons as an NFL receiver, you see that the quarterback wasn’t Locker. It was Kerry Collins and Vince Young. 

It’s safe to say that Locker and Britt haven’t had the best of chemistry during their tenure’s as starters in Tennessee.

Maybe so, but Britt’s clock is ticking. This is his moneymaking year -- his contract year. If he doesn’t produce, the Titans will let him walk.

Looking back to week one and the latest pattern of his career, it’s difficult to say that he can turn it around.

At least, not in Tennessee.

Sure, Locker only completed 11 passes for 125 yards against the Steelers, but a successful passing game requires the receiver to actually get open – at least sometimes.

Based on Britt’s two targets, it just doesn’t appear he's the guy. At least, not in the eyes of Locker, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

Britt can’t put up gaudy numbers without Locker finding him. The reality in Tennessee is that Britt isn’t an ideal fit.

He knows it, Locker knows it and soon enough, the Titans will know it.