Robert Moreschi

How Will The Giants Draft? It's Anyone's Guess

Created on May. 07, 2014 5:00 AM EST

The NFL draft is a completely different animal when compared to the drafts of other major professional sports. The NBA draft is only two rounds and largely top-heavy when it comes to talent, and I’m pretty sure that a majority of the population isn’t even aware that Major League Baseball even has a draft. Meanwhile, the NFL draft is a monster of a spectacle, consisting of seven rounds and now stretching over four days.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. After all, an NFL team is comprised of 53 players during the regular season, even more than that during training camp and the preseason, and the draft is an incredibly useful tool for teams looking to rebuild their team with young talent. Furthermore, its format and depth allows each team to attack it differently, with varying viewpoints on how to best evaluate the talent on the board and make the soundest decisions regarding the future of the team.

For the New York Giants, the NFL draft has been a great source of young talent over the course of the last decade, especially during GM Jerry Reese’s tenure. By now, it’s no surprise that Reese favors drafting the best available talent over drafting for need, and we’ve seen that plan in action year after year. This often makes it difficult for draft analysts to predict just what the Giants will do come draft day, and trying to forecast the Giants’ draft picks has become almost as fruitless as trying to predict the next number to come out in a game of roulette.

Is drafting according to best available talent and not solely based on positional need a truly viable method for approaching the behemoth that is the modern day NFL draft? Well, the Giants have had success with it, and as Reese might tell you, the proof is in the pudding. And everyone loves pudding, right?

In the NFL, there are plenty of ways to fill positional needs, with the draft being just one of them. This offseason, in particular, the Giants were one of the busiest teams when it came to free agency, and they managed to fill a lot of the holes that were left behind after last season and address some of their most glaring weak spots. Heading into this week’s draft, the Giants can now focus on acquiring some of the best young talent they can find to begin building for the future.

The Seattle Seahawks spent the better part of the last several seasons loading up on talent in the draft, stocking up on high quality draft picks like a doomsday fanatic stocking up an underground bomb shelter, and it paid off in spades this past season in the form of a Lombardi trophy and a talented young team that has the potential to be a dominant force in the NFC for the foreseeable future. If the Giants can follow in their footsteps and begin stockpiling raw talent that they can groom within the organization, it might very well pay off for them in the long run.