Kate Lemasters

Hype, Expectations And Tom Brady

Created on Sept. 24, 2013 6:10 AM EST

Writers critique. Former sports stars spout opinions. Fans develop superstitions and become glued to their televisions.

Hype will always form around certain players, but the question is … does hype hurt or better a player? Do fans get used to top-performing athletes playing so outstandingly well they dismiss their exceptional skills on the football field and don’t blink an eye to underwhelming athletes being handed jaw-dropping contracts?

Last year, Tony Romo threw 19 interceptions. They were eliminated from playoff contention, which left them with no shot of going to the 2012 Super Bowl. During the offseason, the Dallas Cowboys presented him with a mindboggling $108 million dollar contract extension – the contract spans for six years. It makes you wonder what he would have received if he wasn’t renowned for his ability to choke under pressure?

The Buffalo Bills offered defensive end Mario Williams a six-year deal. It equaled out to be around $96 million dollars. Let that fact marinate in your mind for a moment. The Buffalo Bills, a team who had six wins and 10 losses during the 2012 regular season, handed out deals like monopoly money. Only time will tell if Williams was worth the investment, but at the moment, he is on the list of injured players which is not necessarily getting the season off to a great start.

Meanwhile, you have a far more superior player — just look at the stats, it’s undeniable no matter how you look at it — who made the unbelievably unselfish decision to take a pay cut for the sake of the New England Patriots. Regardless if you love him or hate him, there isn’t a football fan alive who doesn’t know who Tom Brady is. His precision is insane, his ability to lead a team to victory is unmistakable and at the end of the day, Brady is the player to watch out for. Just in case you are wondering, Brady signed a three-year extension worth $27 million.

The hype that surrounds a player may come and go with time, but it is the stats that will define who goes down as being an all-time great.

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