In Telesco We Trust!

Created on Mar. 18, 2014 11:51 AM EST

The experts predicted that most of the San Diego Chargers’ free agent signings this year would be on defense, specifically upgrading the cornerback position. Not surprisingly, Chargers GM Tom Telesco threw a curveball by signing running back Donald Brown away from the Indianapolis Colts, and the local fan base hasn’t shown any outward disappointment with this move. 

Why? Well, the city of San Diego has bought into his philosophy regarding how to rebuild a struggling franchise, and after the GM’s first season, no one can argue with the results.

Telesco’s goal is to make the Bolts younger and faster. You accomplish this by adding depth through free agency and selecting playmakers in the NFL Draft. Last year, he identified his core players on the roster; now it’s time to surround them with the necessary parts to play consistent, winning football throughout the regular season.

Unfortunately, limited cap space has prevented Telesco from adding a proven cornerback. The current NFL dictates having quick corners on the outside who have the thankless task of defending high-powered passing attacks each week. This upcoming draft is deep with quality talent at the cornerback position, so you can expect the Chargers select one this May.

Telesco can still sign a veteran cornerback after the free agency frenzy has subsided. Remember, he patiently waited for Dwight Freeney to come down in price before signing him last spring.

Free agency should be about acquiring value rather than signing big-name stars. Yes, it’s great for season-ticket sales to sign an aging superstar, but then teams quickly realize these players’ skills have eroded rapidly come training camp. Fans cannot get caught up in assembling a dream team or building your own personal fantasy football team through free agency because they rarely gain the chemistry needed to win a Super Bowl. 

If you look more deeply into the Chargers’ recent free agent signings, they all make sense. Telesco has more holes to fill on his roster than other teams do, so his acquisitions have to strengthen weaknesses rather than be lavish expenses.

Telesco has a reputation for finding diamonds in the rough that shine on the football field, and once again he hasn’t disappointed this offseason. 

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