Mike Edler

Injury Prone Locker Doesn't Like Labels

Created on Nov. 19, 2013 12:02 PM EST

Jake Locker recently said that he doesn’t like the label he has been given. Injury prone is probably one of the worst things any player, especially quarterback, can be called in the NFL.  Players that are injury prone are often players that can make or break a season if only they could put together 16 games and not leave their team in a flux.

Jake Locker IS injury prone.

Through three seasons, Locker has compiled an impressive sheet of injuries over his time in Tennessee. His first time as a starter in 2012, he sustained an injury to his non-throwing shoulder that sidelined him. Now in 2013, he has had a bad hip injury and now a Lisfrac injury that will end his campaign.

Now I am not saying these injuries are not serious, but the two major ones this year were on a light shove and on a non-contact handoff. Locker is either incredibly unlucky or is prone to injury, I would say a little of both.

With the recent reports that the Titans are having some doubts in Locker’s ability to be the franchise’s quarterback for years to come.

The Titans have a decision to make this coming offseason. You can gamble on Locker and always have a capable backup for when/if he gets injured, or you can give him one more year while drafting a developmental quarterback in this years' quarterback-heavy draft; think Aaron Murray, Derek Carr or Zach Mettenberger. 

I fully expect this to be Mike Munchak’s last season as Titan head coach unless the Titans can somehow make the playoffs. New coaches usually mean new quarterbacks and if that holds true, this will be the last we see of Jake Locker as the Titans future and the rebuilding starts again. 

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