Arjuna Ramgopal

Injury Scare To Brady Reaffirms His Value To Patriots

Created on Aug. 14, 2013 11:43 PM EST

New England fans held their collective breath when news broke that Tom Brady had left practice with a knee injury on Wednesday. When Adam Schefter of ESPN later said the MRI scan for Brady’s knee was negative, panic subsided across the region over the most indispensable player of the New England Patriots. 

If it wasn’t clear before, it is now, Tom Brady is the New England Patriots. There is a good amount of talent on the team, and Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time. The team could win a few games without him, they went 11-5 in 2008 with Matt Cassel. 

But the truth is that without him, the Patriots are an average team vying for a wildcard spot, with little chance of winning a Superbowl. For a brief moment on Wednesday, the 2013 season for the Patriots was almost completely lost during a joint-practice in the mid-August heat. 

Brady is the best player on the team, and perhaps the best quarterback in the league. If he were to have a serious injury, there’s little chance Ryan Mallett or Tim Tebow could come in and be as effective as Brady has been. 

While the running game and offensive line are the strong units for the offense, it’s Brady that makes it go. A team can only win so much by running the ball these days. Kansas City ranked fifth in rushing yards last year, but with the leagues' 32nd ranked passing game, the team went 2-14 despite having six pro-bowl players. It proves that to succeed in the NFL, a team needs an exceptional QB. Mallett and Tebow are not the answer. 

Without Brady, the Patriots young receiving corps would struggle exponentially. Mallett and Tebow can’t boost their teammates like Brady can. Many can attest to Brady’s perfectionist ways, and how hard he is on his teammates. The fact that Brady was a sixth round pick still bothers him, and it’s that fire that drives him to be the best. During the Brady 6 documentary on ESPN, he cried retelling his draft-day experience of how team after team kept passing on him. 

Brady is also a proven winner being a three-time Superbowl champion with five Superbowl appearances, two league most valuable player awards, two Superbowl most valuable players awards, and numerous NFL records. Mallet has yet to prove anything in the NFL, while Tim Tebow had his defense give him chances to make the plays he needed to to win the game. 

The situation had to shake the nerves of head coach Bill Belichick, who knows deep down that Mallet and Tebow are not the answer. Unfortunately, with the season right around the corner, now is not the time to rebuild the QB depth chart. 

The window for Brady and the Patriots to win another Superbowl is closing. The team would be wise to look into investing in a veteran QB and/or drafting someone to potentially take the reigns from number 12 in a few years. Mallett and Tebow can't do it, and the prospect of having either one of them as the starting QB for the Patriots this season has to make fans and the Patriots themselves shudder. 

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