Troy Graham

International Shipping Rates Good For Jacksonville

Created on Jun. 23, 2013 8:57 AM EST

The Jacksonville Jaguars franchise came to be in 1995, but before the team could celebrate a comfortable 15th anniversary, rumors transpired of whether the team would relocate.  On the eve of the 2012 season, Shahid Khan was announced the new owner and stability of the franchise has become even more inconsistent.

According to a recent press conference with the Florida Times Union, Khan reassured the team will stay in Jacksonville after being granted a four-year deal in London at Wembley Stadium. The Jags will play one home game there each season. “Everybody needs to understand that playing games in London is very, very important for Jacksonville and very important to this franchise,” Khan said.

The conference gave anxious reporters an outlet to speak about Goodell’s possible proposal of the Jags to play two games overseas, or to recruit three different teams to travel there three times a season, causing twitter debate of the team’s future. Khan’s rebuttal via the news conference included an announcement of $63 million in stadium upgrades.

 “We need fans, we need corporate sponsors. Jacksonville is excellent in its fan support and has great facilities, but we don’t have [enough] corporate sponsors. London is a missing piece,” Khan said.

October marks the date for the Jaguars debut in London against the San Francisco 49ers and possibly a second coming of a team with desires of increasing their market to the public.

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