Allen Kim

Investigation Reveals New Allegations About Aaron Hernandez

Created on Aug. 28, 2013 12:00 PM EST

The new issue of Rolling Stone magazine is going to be headlined by an investigative report on former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez. Written by contributing editor Paul Solotaroff, the piece is titled “The Gangster in the Huddle.” The whole article can be found online right here, and they reveal some interesting allegations.

Solotaroff says that Hernandez used angel dust (PCP) heavily, and he became increasingly paranoid over the last year. So much so that he began carrying a gun with him everywhere.

Hernandez also allegedly “surrounded himself with a cohort of gangsters,” which isn’t hard to believe considering some of the company he’s known to keep. He also apparently “cut himself off from his family and teammates,” but there hasn’t been much information on that front with the Patriots preventing players from speaking to the media about Hernandez and family keeping to themselves.

Hernandez’s college coach at the University of Florida, Urban Meyer, was also accused of potentially helping him cover up failed drug tests and two violent incidents. Those accusations may actually have some legs as there were similar reports regarding violent incidents that were covered up.

Of interest is that Belichick became so infuriated with Hernandez that he was “one misstep from being cut.” It seems odd that none of the Patriots beat reporters picked up on this, and this is the first we’re hearing of this revelation.

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