Nick Raducanu

Is Larry Fitzgerald A Fantasy Sleeper Or Bust?

Created on Apr. 24, 2013 9:49 AM EST

This may be the passing era of the NFL, but that doesn’t mean wide receiver is a safe position when it comes to fantasy football. Of the Top 25 wide receivers drafted in 2012 fantasy leagues, only 16 of them actually finished among the Top 25 wide receivers at season’s end (that’s less than two-thirds!). When you compare that to running back (20 of the top 25 running backs drafted finished in Top 25), it becomes pretty clear that wide receiver can be a volatile position.

What does that mean for your fantasy football team? Two things: 1) When you consider that over a third of wide receivers were wash-outs last year, it becomes increasingly important to know which of the top wide receivers on draft day will turn into busts, and 2) When you consider that the other third of the Top 25 wasn’t in that group, it becomes increasingly important to identify the wideouts who will turn into sleepers.

In case you haven’t caught my drift yet, we’re going to be covering wide receiver sleepers and busts (and you might also have the detective skills of Ryan Lochte). I went through my running back sleepers and busts here, and now let’s see if I can help you identify the wide receiver breakouts and avoid the wide receiver washouts.

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