Nick Raducanu

Is Larry Fitzgerald A Fantasy Sleeper Or Bust?

Created on Apr. 24, 2013 9:40 AM EST

Bust: Hakeem Nicks

“McFadden has been one of my favorite running backs to watch dating back to his Arkansas days, but I just can’t buy into him anymore.” Why am I started off a blurb about Hakeem Nicks with something I wrote about Darren McFadden in a running back sleepers and busts article? Because if you change the words “McFadden”, “running backs” and “Arkansas” to “Nick”, “wide receivers” and “North Carolina”, you’d know exactly how I felt about Hakeem Nicks. Don’t get me wrong (especially the boss man who is a Giants fan) – I think Nicks is a supremely talented wideout, but you can almost set your watch to him missing two or three games per season and torturing you with a few pre-game “questionable” tags to boot. If you can somehow land Nicks in the fifth or (preferably) sixth round of your draft, he should give you great value. However, he’s generally been going in the fourth round of most mock drafts I’ve done so far, and like McFadden, I’m just sick of paying for the upside only to be burned with injuries later.

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