Nick Raducanu

Is Larry Fitzgerald A Fantasy Sleeper Or Bust?

Created on Apr. 24, 2013 9:41 AM EST

Bust: Pierre Garçon

I’m not a fool, so before you come at me with the “Garçon was a monster at the end of 2012” arguments, let me just preface the rest of this by saying, "I am well aware of that fact." That said, we’re venturing a bit into Hakeem Nicks territory again here. Over the past fix seasons, Garçon has missed an average of 2.4 games per season. Outside of the fact that I don’t know how you miss 0.6 of a game, that’s not a stat I want to hear about my fifth round selection (which is where he’s been going in mocks so far this spring). The Mount Union product will still only be 27 by the time the 2013 season starts, but he’s still never topped 1,000 yards or six touchdowns in his career. His draft position in 2013 will be highly influenced by a mere five games that are fresh in people’s memories from 2012. While I hope (for his owners’ sake) he leaves both of those numbers in the dust this season, I still think the fifth round is a high price to pay for a guy with Garçon’s risk.

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