Christopher Scali

Is Tiquan Underwood Ready To Be Glennon's First Mate?

Created on Dec. 03, 2013 7:42 PM EST

What a surprise! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers got rocked on Sunday against the fierce Carolina Panthers in a performance that can be labeled as absolutely embarrassing. I'm sure there were more than a few Tampa fans who had paper bags over their heads by the end of the game, myself included. The Buccaneers must have had a wet batch of gunpowder, as they had no offensive production and the defense was lost at sea.

This difficult loss brings the Bucs right back to rock bottom. Rookie sensation Mike Glennon did not throw a touchdown pass for the first time this season, while the Panthers offense slashed its way through the defense with ease. The Bucs offense was nonexistent so the question is, who is going to step up and help the team win some games the rest of the season?

Luckily, the Buccaneers have a wide receiver that is ready to pick up his game and help put Tampa Bay back on the map in five-year veteran Tiquan Underwood. Underwood has had a slow start to his career but has been making an impact as of late with the Bucs. He started his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010, where he totaled 111 yards and zero touchdowns. Underwood also had a lost season with the New England Patriots, where he only totaled 30 yards. However, Underwood’s career started to grow when we was traded to Tampa Bay.

Since Underwood received regular playing time with the Buccaneers, he has totaled five touchdowns and 777 yards. I know that is not much to brag about but Underwood will soon be the Bucs top receiver. He is a huge deep threat and when he is open, expect the ball to be in his hands. His biggest game was in Week 12 against the Detroit Lions, in which he had a total of 108 yards and two scores. I feel that Underwod is going to have a big future and I would keep a sharp eye on him for the remainder of the season. Underwood has shown that he can really catch the deep ball, as his average catch has been 85 yards this year. I for one am looking forward to the damage he will cause over the next four weeks.

The big question down in Tampa Bay is whether or not Underwood is ready to take on a bigger role in the offense. The Bucs have all of the weapons they need to win games, but they are not executing. Underwood can be a dynamic player that defensive coordinators have to gameplan around, and he has the speed and strength to be a steady touchdown contributor. I hope Underwood does not get traded to another team in the offseason because he can really help lead the Buccaneers to some wins as the young team continues to grow.

Right now, the Bucs coaching staff needs to be revamped because Tampa has all of this talent and is not using it to its full potential. The Buccaneers have several young players that just need help with their fundamentals. Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer must swab the deck in the offseason to get this Buccaneers ship in order.

I am looking forward to the Buccaneers next four games and what Underwood does for the offense in those games. This weekend, Tampa Bay is hosting the Buffalo Bills and all I want for Christmas is a string of Bucs victories. The Bills have been very inconsistent this season and Underwood should be able to take advantage of their shaky defensive unit.

Fire those Cannons because the Buccaneers have a shiny new weapon!  

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