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It's In The Stars: Week 2

Created on Sept. 17, 2013 4:00 AM EST

Week two brought us some major high profile matchups. On the same day we had the long-awaited Manning Bowl III in the afternoon, the night game gave us a lengthy and slightly bizarre, yet captivating, game with the Seahawks hosting the 49ers. With these two games happening back to back, it could have been easy to overlook some of the other great games going on around the league. As usual, anything can happen during those three hours on the field and boy, did we see a lot of great plays and completely unpredictable moments. For example, who would have thought that Cleveland could have held the Ravens to 0 for more than half of the game?

There were certainly plenty of standout players in Week 2, so let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly, to see how their horoscopes affected how they played.

Green Bay vs. Washington was a blowout victory for the Packers, who lost last week in a close game to the 49ers. While RG III still couldn’t seem to get his bearings, Aaron Rodgers had no problem throwing for a Green Bay record 480 passing yards (tied with Matt Flynn’s 480 yards against the Lions on New Years Day, 2012).

The unstoppable Aaron Rodgers (Dec. 2, 1983) is a Sagittarius.

Now is a great time for you to step up your efforts to plan for the future. It's one of those days when you can tell that every penny you save is sure to be well spent at some time down the line.

Well Mr. Rodgers sure did earn his keep. I don’t think there are many who have doubts about why he is currently the highest paid player in the NFL. Today he walked onto the field and made the Redskins look like a team full of amateurs, especially during the first half of the game. If the stars were calling for Rodgers to step up his effort, surely he delivered! I’m sure Rodgers is basking in every penny of that enormous salary he is earning.

Unfortunately Eddie Lacy, the rookie RB who was supposed to help Green Bay punch up their running game, left the field to be treated for a concussion when Brandon Meriweather knocked helmets with him early in the game. Needless to say Meriweather received a taste of his own medicine when he rammed helmets with Green Bay’s James Starks in the second quarter and ended up leaving the game with a concussion himself.

Brandon Meriweather (Jan. 14, 1984) is a Capricorn.

Large social gatherings, perhaps group events or festivals, could put you in the middle of an agitated crowd, Capricorn. At first it could seem exhilarating, but after awhile you could feel stifled. Still, you won't want to miss anything, so you'll be in a quandary. It's OK to leave for a while and come back. The crowd should dissipate somewhat by the time you return.

Hopefully Meriweather will have a speedy recovery from his concussion. I think if he comes back and plays clean nobody will balk at what happened during this game. Meriweather needs to focus most on getting and staying healthy, then he won’t have to miss out on anything in the future. Perhaps this will give him time and space to change up his perspective.

In the Chargers vs. Eagles game veteran WR Eddie Royal had 90 receiving yards and three touchdowns, which played a huge part in the Chargers’ victory.

Eddie Royal (May 21, 1986) is a Gemini.

You can’t just think things through today — action is the only real way to learn things. You have a leg up on other people, though, as you find it easier than usual to try new activities.

It feels like Royal’s career has been spent receiving and recovering from injuries with not nearly enough time actually spent in action. Just the other day he left practice in an ambulance due to shortness of breath after a fall he sustained. Today he got the opportunity to take action and he showed us what we have been missing. Let’s hope whatever new activities Royal has planned, that they don’t run the risk of him having to deal with any further bodily harm or going anywhere in an ambulance! Now might be the time to pick him up for your fantasy league.

Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills had 4.5 sacks against Cam Newton today. This is a franchise record. I’m sure the two of them were extra cozy by the end of that game.

Williams (Jan. 31, 1985) is an Aquarius.

Too many demands upon you could have you feeling a bit on edge today. If possible, this is a good day to get away by yourself for a while, Aquarius, as you might feel a strong need to get your head together. It's a great day to go for a workout or get out in the open if weather permits. Take a book with you and gather your thoughts.

Well, if pouncing Cam Newton like a lion chasing his dinner is the way that Mario Williams unwinds and takes the edge off, then so be it.

Eli Manning lost his third straight Manning Bowl today 41-23. It’s not easy being the little brother. Eli was giving away the ball like it was candy on Halloween. We all know Eli can really deliver, when push comes to shove, afterall he’s got the rings to prove it, but today was not his day. Peyton was predictably as cool as a cucumber and his performance today left everybody completely aware of the fact that he is no less than great.

Peyton (March 24, 1976) is an Aries.

Don’t despair — things are good, and you can push through the latest wave of weirdness to make it out the other side. You should be able to show that one doubter what you’re really made of!

I guess playing against your brother on the world stage is a little bit weird isn’t it? I’m pretty sure Peyton was able to show that one doubting human being that really thought the Giants were going to win why you never, ever bet against Peyton Manning.

Beside the fact that the Seattle vs. San Francisco game stretched way too long into the night and was a horrible display of sloppiness in the first half, there was an alarming display of how easy it is to break the confidence of the 49ers golden boy, Colin Kaepernick. It was almost frightening how the Seahawks were able to get into the heads of the typically indomitable 49ers.

Colin Kaepernick (Nov. 3, 1987) is a Scorpio.

News about changes in your neighborhood could throw your community for a loop, Scorpio. This may involve new businesses, laws, or ordinances that don't sit well with everyone. You can expect a lot of phone calls, impromptu meetings, and other community contact that could turn into heated quarrels. Be prepared, and stay focused.

I think its safe to say that after this game that the whole city of San Francisco is going to be reeling. It’s got to be a weird feeling for everybody up north that the Raiders are the winners in the Bay Area right now, even if only for a week. I’m sure this loss will cause a lot of extra hours of stress for the players, a lot of heat from notoriously fickle 49ers fans and perhaps even the speculation that Colin Kapernick isn’t the QB that everybody seemed to think he was. Surely this game will shake the 49ers and Kaepernick, specifically, to their core and tempers may begin to flare up when criticism arises. Either way, if the 49ers are able to shake this painful loss off and keep on keeping on, they should be focused and back to normal by next week when they host the Colts. If they lose focus and can’t seem to let this loss roll off their backs, well, anything can happen.

Bonus: September 15 was Pete Carroll’s birthday! He is a Virgo.

Group activities could escalate almost to a frenzy. New short-term goals could necessitate a lot of work, Virgo. You might get caught in a rush of phone calls and errands. This should prove very positive for the group's goals in the long term, but for now it could drive everyone crazy. Try to stay focused and just do what you have to do.

There really isn’t much more to be said.

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