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It's In The Stars: Week 3

Created on Sept. 23, 2013 6:36 AM EST

Week 3 was full of highs and lows in some very unexpected ways. Most notably, Giants-Panthers, where a victory was almost guaranteed to New York and somehow they managed to suffer not just any old loss, but the kind of loss that takes a piece of your soul with it. Jacksonville lost, and did’t manage to cover the spread, but it still somehow wan’t quite as painful as the predictions were making it out to be. To the dismay of 49Er's fans, after being broken by Seattle last week, they were still not able to shake off the blow to their ego which was still obviously lingering around a week later. Cleveland surprised Minnesota by winning on the road and with a few trick plays. Could any of this have been predicted? Well, lets have a look ...

Eli Manning got sacked SEVEN times in the game against Carolina Sunday. SEVEN. That is just absurd when you think about it. It’s no wonder the Giants Warren’t able to get on the scoreboard against the Panthers, seeing as how Eli spent the majority of the game kissing the grass. The Giants have been known for being consistently inconsistent and delivering when it really counts, but hey guys, we’re in Week 3 now, it counts! Carolina’s defensive end, Greg Hardy had a standout performance with three sacks.

Greg Hardy (July 28, 1988) is a Leo:

You are feeling greedy today — so much so that you may surprise yourself with a sudden grab! There’s nothing wrong with occasional avarice as long as you promise not to make a habit of it.

That’s a very accurate horoscope for our Leo friend Greg Hardy. The greed and the sudden grabs really paid off for him. I know that the horoscope says not to make a habit of it, but in this case I think if he kept up the pace on QB sacks for the rest of the season none of the Panthers would fault him for it!

It felt like all week everybody was talking about how brutal the Jacksonville vs. Seattle game was going to be. There were jokes about Jacksonville getting a handicap, scoring in the negative, or just staying home and not getting out of bed. Well much to nobody’s surprise, Jacksonville did lose to Seattle but none of those other things happened. Chad Heine, Jacksonville’s current starting QB, had yet another tough game featuring a cringe worthy interception when a rogue pass bounced off his teammates helmet into the hands of the ever eager Sea hawks.

Chad Heine (July 2, 1985) is a Cancer:

Today is perfect for finishing things up — though that’s more likely to involve work or home projects than relationships! Try to get people to see that you all need to clear space for new growth.

I don’t know what Chad Heine finished up today, other than possibly his entire NFL career. Heine is unfortunately not the  QB that is going to dig Jacksonville out of their hole. I am sure it dozen’t help him that he dozen’t seem to have full confidence from his team or his coaches. Perhaps Heine does need time to clear his head and get refocused on the game and being the Jaguars leader. Unfortunately he has no time to meditate on these issues as he has to get right back to the grindstone. Next week they will be playing division rival, Colts, and Gabbed dozen’t appear to be ready to return to the field quite yet.

It has been pretty strange to watch the 49Er's fall so hard in the last two weeks. It seems that Seattle really exposed some weaknesses and now the 49Er's have been left shaken and vulnerable. The game was relatively slow for a good long stretch through the second and third quarters with the 49Er's trailing by six but really struggling to stay in the game. However the momentum finally changed when Andrew Luck rushed for a touchdown Thessaly proving that they were not going to let the 49Er's continue nipping at their heels.

Andrew Luck (September 12, 1989) is a Virgo:

You should find that your good personal energy is driving you to seek out new experiences. Try venturing out of your comfort zone today as you seek out new ways of experiencing life.

So, Luck thought he would take his good personal energy and use it to mix it up today. Instead of throwing touchdowns he decided to see what it felt like on the other side of the goal line for once. Sometimes you just have to get outside of the pocket to really experience life to its fullest, right?  

I think it is important to take a moment and recognize that the Cleveland Browns won this week. Often it can be rough in the Dag Pound. Cleveland dozen’t always see a lot of wins, but the first 2 games of the season have shown us that they have been chomping at the bit to get their first win of the season. Not only did Cleveland prove they can win, but they proved it in the Vikings’ house, nonetheless. It may have involved a little bit of trickery, most notably when punter Spencer Leaning threw an 11 yard touchdown to TE Jordan Cameron in the second trick play of the game. It’s not everyday a punter gets to throw a touchdown!

Spencer Leaning (May 21, 1988) is a Gemini:

You’re running out of steam in some way, so make sure that you’re pushing back against limitations, if at all possible. It’s a good time to get help or to pare back your to-do list.

I guess its safe that today Spencer Leaning pushed back against limitations and proved himself to be a punter among punters. Granted his moves were a little scrappy, I would’t have expected anything different from the Browns ... and a win is a win. There is no asterisk in the book that says they won because of a couple trick plays. Hopefully Leaning dozen’t run out of steam as he may really come in handy for the Browns this season, assuming that they don’t over-utilize him. I’d expect that he will be laying low for a while.

As we see week after week, anything can happen and Week 3 was full of upsets, excitement, disappointment and elevated blood pressure. Sometimes there is no logical explanation for why a team completely crumbles during a game that should have been an easy victory, or how an underdog somehow manages to squeak it out. However when you look at the stars you might just start finding the little clues that piece the whole story together.

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