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Jared Lorenzen Sighting: Hefty QB Still Playing Ball

Created on Feb. 04, 2014 9:36 PM EST

The description is simple and there is no audio, but apparently former Kentucky star Jared Lorenzen still is playing football.

ESPN shared this highlight tape of the 320-pound Lorenzen playing for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters in the Continental Indoor Football League.

According to the New York Post, Lorenzen at one point served as the River Monsters’ general manager before resigning to play quarterback again, earning league MVP honors.

“I field several times a day the question, ‘Is Jared coming back?’” head coach Brian Schmidt said, according to the team’s website. “Today is a day that I can definitely say yes, and a day River Monster Fans can be excited for.

“Having a quarterback the caliber of Jared improves not only the River Monsters, but the league as a whole.”

Lorenzen won a Super Bowl as a backup quarterback with the New York Giants (2004-07) before getting cut by the Indianapolis Colts before the ’08 season. The 6-foot-4 giant’s appearance resembles a refrigerator more than a beer gut, but he’s played quarterback for at least three teams since his NFL stint, including the Kentucky Horsemen and the Owensboro Rage.

Despite coaching turmoil, Lorenzen broke many passing records at Kentucky despite playing on the heels of No. 1 overall pick Tim Couch, including passing yards (10,354) and touchdown passes (78). He played in 43 games at Kentucky.

Who knows whether Lorenzen saved any money from his NFL career — it seems that’s a rare occurrence these days — but there are plenty of professional athletes out for a paycheck who otherwise wouldn’t play their respective sports.

No one can accuse the Hefty Lefty of that. Clearly he loves flinging the football. Why else would he subject himself to being the punch line of jokes and throwing to receivers who hold full-time jobs and have no prospect of ever playing on a pro field?

It’s also refreshing to see a modern athlete with such disdain for, you know, being athletic. 

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