Eric Wickstrom

Jets Should Punt On Geno Smith

Created on Nov. 19, 2013 4:12 AM EST

Ten starts into his professional career and I’m willing to say it’s time to pull the plug on Geno Smith. He should be demoted to the second string and Matt Simms should start for the rest of the year. The Jets can’t afford to put him under center ever again. He’s truly that bad.

In fact, Geno Smith is terrible. And not in the way many rookie quarterbacks are when they first enter the league. He’s terrible in the way that can ruin a franchise for years. He can’t be developed. Any attempt to do so will cost the Jets more than just a few more games. It literally has the potential to cost them years of frustrating setbacks. Years they shouldn’t be willing to waste. Not fresh off the Mark Sanchez era in today’s pass-friendly NFL.

Not with this defensive unit. Especially across the defensive line. These guys have the chance to be scary good. However, watching them constantly have to start on the wrong side of their own 50-yard line, multiple times a game, because Smith handed it to the other team, is a nightmare.

Smith holds the ball too long in the pocket. The alarm that should go off in every quarterback’s head telling them it’s time to get rid of the ball seems permanently set to snooze. He throws the ball to stationary defensive backs and linebackers far too often. I could see if these guys were making plays on the ball and picking it off but they’re not. There are mostly just standing there and Smith is hitting them right between the numbers.

He slid to the second round in last year’s draft and cautioned every team that passed on him they would be sorry. However, the only team sorry now are the Jets. Sorry they are stuck with this dead weight until his contract doesn’t cost too much against the cap to cut him.

The Jets are on the playoff bubble this year. They have a great chance to make the postseason and secure Rex Ryan a job extension he deserves. The Jets are a couple of years away from being serious threats to go to the Super Bowl. They need some secondary help, some skill at the receiver spot and a legitimate quarterback under center. The first two they can draft and grab in free agency. The third is a lot trickier. It’s why you make an offer for an Alex Smith when he’s available. Can you imagine if the Jets had made that trade and then used the Geno Smith pick on Tyrann Mathieu instead? They'd be the East Coast version of the Chiefs right now. They could have grabbed Mike Glennon later in the draft like I was screaming they should and developed him under a Pro Bowl quarterback for a few years. Old-school style. But, like all things with the Jets, hindsight will drive you crazy.

Some people will read this and counterpoint that Geno Smith looked great against Atlanta, New Orleans and New England during the team's second meeting this year. However, anyone that knows anything about football knows you can’t go to battle with a quarterback you can only depend on half the time. A quarterback that gives you no chance to win every other game. A quarterback the locker room has to be losing faith in rapidly. 

Anyone watching Geno Smith play against Tennessee, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati earlier this season and then Buffalo should feel like they’ve seen enough of him to last them a lifetime.

I certainly have.

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